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March 26 2020 Wow it’s been so long since I’ve authored a blog. As I sit back and visualize all the damage that’s been caused not only because of the Coronavirus issues, but several key issues spanning over several decades to put it mildly saddens me. None of this ever had to happen and I’m [...]

Our greatest enemy may not be ignorance but rather the illusion of knowledge. Just when you think it can’t get any more obvious. Never under estimate the ignorance of Government. Case in point, Trump Dumps the Iran deal! Several months prior to the Presidential election while most bought and paid for puppet Medias were busy [...]

Most reading my blogs or know me personally recognize I’m not big on anything political. Whenever I see heated debates developing it’s time to mosey on up to the bar and muster that all too familiar call “Bartender I’ll have another.” Government never has the people’s best interests in mind and never will. It’s political [...]

With the firing of Steve Bannon is there any doubt remaining regarding who’s actually running the western nation. As a person possessing an uncanny desire to reveal truth my personal excavation’s been digging now for over three decades. I understand better than most that you have to dig through the dirt to get to the [...]

I’m often asked why I donate the countless hours it takes to keep not only one but two blogs. Really it’s a good question, as “why” questions so often are.  Strange as it seems somehow I never found the ultimate answer to that question. Always preferring the path of flow as opposed to force I [...]

As I compose this post there’s an unpredictable conspiracy that’s reaching it’s boiling point. Should it boil over the world at least as we currently know it won’t exist. Actually there’s several conspiracies that would meet the same criteria however the one that concerns me the most is the new sanctions bill concerning Russia. By an [...]

With a near 180 degree shift on all his pre-election promises President Donald Trump is starting to resemble a man who’s walking funny, a bit shaky at the knees.  In spite of the post results, the newly elected has already been gelded. I’m guessing that’s where the funny walk originated from, but for real who’s [...]

Two key events took place around mid-February that has allowed a thick section of the dust to settle. You know that dust I keep mentioning about in several past posts. True to my word it’s one hundred percent surety that once the dust settles, right after begins revealing new pathways that were not previously visible. [...]

Here we are January 21, 2017. I purposely wanted to wait till after the inauguration finalized before my next blog. So what happened? For almost six months we’ve all been fed more versions of the famed legend “Chicken Little” than I even knew existed. January 20th 2017 the inauguration took place. The traditional dog and [...]

Every day I’m getting more suspicious of what is really going on behind the curtain. Anybody who’s been scanning the alternative medias has got to be getting a bit uneasy as to what’s being found on some of the most creditable sources. What’s going on with this new appointed cabinet? The open minded must be [...]

After recently receiving some emails with the usual warning labels attached, I decided I’d bookmark them until time allowed me the opportunity to view their contents. When subscribers forward me emails, frequently there’s one or two lines of panic written before the main topic. I’ve since termed this common occurrence a “warning label”. To date some of [...]

When any animal is backed into a corner it will fight back. It’s the same for us humans. When it comes to shielding, guarding for our own survival we will use whatever means obtainable to endure. That includes ferocity. That’s why I’m a bit uneasy. The neocons are currently backed into a corner. If the [...]

Ever take the time to notice for centuries we’ve been fighting ourselves? Unknowingly for centuries through an orchestrated series of well-staged events categorically we’ve been fighting no one other than ourselves. Borders of other nations offer no boundaries when it comes to allowing us to fight each other. Is there some agenda pushing us towards [...]

Continuing on from my previous post, I was actually kind of surprised at the amount of emails received from folks expressing their views on where the west is headed when it comes to violence. I’m pleased there’s such an interest. Let’s begin with something I’m sure we’ll all agree on. We’re entering a period of [...]

Before releasing a post pertaining to any recently occurring major event I’ve always elected to sit tight and wait for a few days. I initially prefer to chill and observe various reactions from the sidelines. During that chill time, a couple of areas I pay exceptionally close attention to, are the citizens and the markets. [...]

There’s just so much that’s currently happening I honestly have trouble picking which event to write about. There’s such a broad selection of topics ranging from a coughing psychopath to the daily deaths of the men in blue. With such a vast amount to choose from it represents quite a challenge to decide which goes [...]

Prior to continuing I strategically left these additional points out till the beginning of part 2. I’m asking you to first read what’s below and then begin to ask yourself if the all too familiar excuses of “they’re all out to get us” or “they’re jealous of our freedoms” reasons for constantly warring makes any [...]