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The Single Biggest Mistake

In spite of the happenings, I continue to meet a lot of folks from all parts of the world. I suppose I’ve been privileged to have met so many who share different views, beliefs and entire cultures for that matter. I guess you could say a big part of this understanding I’m about to share, stems from the fact that I’ve traveled a lot in my younger years. One skill travel creates is providing the hands on experience which hopefully in turn leads to wisdom.

One tidbit I’ve gained over the years is this. We’re not as different as the media would have us believe. In fact most want the same for their families as you and I do. However when less than 1% of a countries population grabs hold of 90% of the media’s attention one thing’s for certain. That is the belief pendulum can and will be swung in either direction. Depending on which direction the information leans so sides the greater opinion. With modern technology we as a species are easily fooled thus easily controlled. For some reason the word sheep comes to mind.

When viewing the video the first thing many of my readers will pick up on is the fact that there’s nothing new covered in it. We’ve been covering the subject for over a year now, besides there wasn’t meant to be. The item I want to draw your attention to is the fact that this video’s been banned on other public non peer to peer platform channels. This video along with hundreds of thousands of others… they’ve all been banned from the public’s view. Hundreds of thousands of videos interviews public addresses have all been banned from you the theoretical adult. For the informed it’s no secret that most of these videos were done by some of the most prominent professionals of the science and medical fields. Once again they sway the majority’s attention.

Perhaps the single mistake I see the populations of the world continually make, is they fail to realize the areas that require the most attention are the areas that will be banned first. Most don’t ask the obvious questions like, why is it that we are not being allowed to see all sides and gather all the available information. The answer’s just as obvious although largely goes ignored. After all it’s the subject material left in the dark that requires the most light. How the majorities miss that vital point is beyond me.

The other most common mistake I see is trying to reduce the world’s occurrences down to being caused by a single event. Even now with the countless occurrences many cannot understand the universe is a grand transmission where all gears are meshed together. It’s all connected! This cannot reduce to being caused by one event. By now if you’ve not asked some serious questions I’ve got one for ya. What’s been keeping you? Until next time, Barry in DR.


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  • Esperanza Morales-Butron Sep 14, 2021, 12:15 pm

    Please let me know where can i see one of this doctors I’m in Toronto On

  • Gary May 20, 2021, 6:50 pm

    Barry, great video and comments. While in the very beginning of this pandemic we may have been at loggerheads regarding the severity of Covid, many of us on different sides have changed to a more nuanced understanding of the disease. For sure nothing is absolute in life. While I agree with almost everything in the Canadian Doctors’ video I believe that children do spread Covid. Anybody who has had children know that little kids are walking laboratories for infectious germs. I dodged the bullet of Covid for over 15 months and boom out of seemingly nowhere I came down with it 10 days ago. My grandchildren caught it in school, passed it to their parents and because I work with my son I got it. Do I regret my grandchildren going back to school. Not at all. I’ve been taking a lot of vitamin D, amongst other nutrients, for a long time now. As soon as I started to get sick I immediately started on a daily dose of Ivermectin. I think my symptoms were fairly mild and am now recovering with up and down weakness.

    I am so sick of this big pharma-media blitzkrieg to get everyone to vaccinate (sic). There is constant peer pressure from friends and family to get their loved ones to take the jab. I’m hearing this almost on a daily basis from both strangers and friends. “Did you take the vaccine.” I think taking the shot or not is a personal decision. If a person took the shot, then fine, and shut the fuck up and mind their own business. Barry I agree with you that debate is very vital to a society. I resent the dictatorial way in which the mainstream media have shut down any differences of opinion regarding the shots. The brainwashing is ubiquitous. We, who are independent minded, just have to hunker down and resist with facts. It’s good to see doctors in Canada, like the doctors in the frontline alliance FLCCC.NET who are promoting the cheap drug Ivermectin, speaking up.

    I agree with you that in the not so distant future we will see more and more truth come out. Thank god in the US we have more de-centralized power in the form of state power. I thought I would never say this but thank god for states like Florida and Texas who are giving the middle finger to the CDC, WHO, Fauci and like-minded power hungry entities and going their own way. This actually gives me hope.

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