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Thanks for watching our brief introductory video. We hope you found it worthwhile. All throughout history what seemed to be subtle changes turn out to be the very same changes that ignited the kindling which ultimately developed into a raging inferno.

When looking back at history often it was these unnoticed shifts in behavior that later on were determined to be the causing factors of what escalated into a world altering event. History has proven this to be accurate time and time again. Another interesting fact about history is that it repeats itself and this time won’t be any different.

What first starts out taking decades to accomplish quickly gathers momentum. Little by little this momentum builds undetected by the masses. Seamlessly people’s freedoms are eroded. New laws are put in place with the illusion of being for greater good. Taxes soar, employment is all but impossible to find and tensions eventually rise to the boiling point.

The conjoining effects start to take their toll by deteriorating family values. Many resort to artificial stimuli in lieu of that constant feeling of hopelessness that surrounds them and their loved ones. Even at this juncture and similar to a title wave in open ocean both remain unnoticed. But it’s the same reaction that causes the damage in both of the above scenarios. That reaction is called resistance. Resistance from the bottom is what causes the title wave to crest and its resistance from the people what eventually causes the system to detonate. Ultimately the same end result follows in both examples and that is catastrophic damage.

It’s at that point when Governments react and start restricting their citizens even further. Martial law is often tested and actually put in place full force. Travel restrictions are often enforced. Currency controls are rapidly put in place as confidence is all but lost. The bank runs begin and open doors to them are becoming very limited. Black markets start appearing all over the nation. Barter is the new way business is done. If your eyes have been open you’re aware all of this is presently occurring in several nations. This is in the now not in the future.

The graffiti has already been spray painted and it doesn’t matter whether you’re from the U.S, Europe or Canada, we’re all going to be affected. Perhaps the better question you should be asking yourself is to what degree will I be affected? That’s what’s really important.

All I’m saying is for some folks establishing a plan B home base outside your home country might be something to consider. An addition couple of important matters you also might want to consider is opening an offshore bank account and yes even an offshore company. Lastly I believe every person should have at least two passports. EVERYONE!

I hope anyone paying attention notes what I’m saying. History will repeat. Desperate actions by Governments have their consequences. Rational people act rather than react and that means having a plan B. Sometimes that plan B involves having some other place to go to.

All I’m offering is opening the door to communication. No hassles no pressure. I don’t push the DR or any other country. No place is right for everyone but perhaps by communicating with one another I can shed a bit of light. The kind of light that shines from the experience gained in over 40 years of living it.  If that sounds good to you then just fill out the Contact Information form below and let’s start talking soon.

Best Adventures

Barry in DR

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