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Our main objective on the Something Feels Wrong YouTube channel is to keep our subscribers up to date with the latest developments in the region surrounding the quaint little North Coast town of Cabrera. It’s a passion Liane, Johnny and I really enjoy. With that in mind it’s time to release the latest development in [...]

It seems that the groundwork around the region of Cabrera just keeps on rolling. In my latest video I’m traveling down a road that passes through Los Valles. Los Valles is an area that runs parallel to Loma Alta only at lower altitudes. As I’m narrating this video I can’t help but reminisce about some [...]

It’s a true saying that at times there’s nothing like a “bird’s eye view”. After all it’s the only way to capture the vastness this property has to offer. This magnificent six bedroom six bath estate has approximately 9700 square feet of construction. Strategically positioned over a 1.4 acre lot that is not only surrounded [...]

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