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When Clients Become Friends

We first met Juan about nine years ago. Wow how time flies!! Seems that more and more are losing faith in the directions and the paths their elected are heading in. When I first met Juan it was on one of our excursions. Juan was born in the DR and at a young age was relocated along with his family to the States. After going through the normal experimental stages determining what career choices were possible he eventually settled down in the flooring business.

Juan worked diligently in the States and along with his wife who’s a teacher and their son who’s still a student carved out an excellent living, but somehow that wasn’t enough. Over time Juan felt and pardon the pun; however it is where the name originated from, Juan felt that “something feels wrong” in his current country. He no longer felt a sense of belonging. After meeting us for one of our excursions Juan and the family began to take action. From there the rest is history.

Sit back and enjoy what amounts to couple of friends just “shootin’” the breeze. While sitting under a Starfruit tree at the local car wash I asked Juan if we could roll some video and see how it came out. To date I feel it’s one of our most natural videos we’ve ever done. That’s what happens when clients become friends. I’m looking forward to assisting them with their home plans. Soon enough I’ll have another what started out as a client but developed into a friendship just down the road. Yea!!! Let the games begin. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jul 5, 2021, 2:43 pm

    Juan looks like a really nice person, very likable and engaging. I like his easy going demeanor. Looking forward to meeting him next time I’m in Cabrera. Good interview.

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