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Hunter &  Sherry

Hello – We just returned from the DR, with one week on our own vacationing in Samana and one week in Cabrera. We had a private tour with Barry for 3 days and he went out his way to make time for us in his schedule as well as made it possible for us to meet other expats and his DR family. We truly appreciated this time that he, and those who have already made the move, made for us. A special thanks to Tal, who spent an entire afternoon with us at his beautiful property to help us get a feel for the place. The climate, beaches, food (breakfast at Vivero Flor Cafe/Pizza at Chicos/Steak at Babunuco), friendliness of the people is exactly as described.

The insights that I would like to leave with anyone considering a visit is:

1) if you have family members not yet in the same mind frame of a full scale move, do plan a true vacation in the DR to ease them into the culture/food/people. There are different reasons for purchasing in the DR, whether it be an escape location, investment, or a vacation house.

 2) renting a car at the airport and driving to other areas of the island is just fine if you have experience in other countries with “flow” driving

3) if you are planning to look at real estate, look at the area through Google Maps first so that you can get your bearings as you tour the different properties. It’s a small area, but the terrain, elevation, lots of options can get confusing.

4) the next time we go, we will definitely rent a house in Cabrera through Barry versus staying at the hotel. It will be a much better value and experience. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip, and Barry, Liane and the DR family’s involvement is a big factor in our continuing to look at Cabrera. It is a place where we can see ourselves living a quality life.

Hunter &  Sherry



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