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A friend and myself recently visited DR in Summer 2015 to meet with Barry/Johnny and explore the northern DR area.

I had been in contact with Barry for almost 8 months prior to our trip and we had several conversations discussing DR and current events taking place in the world today. I really appreciated the time Barry took to discuss these things even though he didn’t know me from the other 100’s of people who contact him weekly. When we arrived in DR we met up with Johnny and he graciously spent the next several days driving with us all around Cabrera. Our main goals were to:

  • – See the land/properties available
  • – Meet locals and other expats
  • – View the abundance organic food sources
  • – Open a local bank account
  • – Evaluate the infrastructure for electricity, water, Internet services, etc.

With the expertise help of Johnny we were able to do all this and more in only a couple of days. This would have taken us weeks or more to attempt on our own. Everything we did was at our discretion and Johnny offered his help in anyway possible. We were so thankful for all Johnny’s help that at the end of our trip I tried giving him a tip for his time and effort and he refused to take it. That says a lot about the character of these gentlemen and how they do business.

We were also truly impressed with the unity we saw between expats and locals in DR. Barry and Johnny live what they preach.

Community and relationships are everything in DR. People truly take the time to get to know each other and spend time together. If you treat people well and show respect, they will do the same to you. But, if you go around with an elitist “1st World” attitude you will be sadly disappointed. If that scares you, then maybe it’s not the right place for you. Yes, it’s far different from the way things are done in the States these days. Experiencing this firsthand was one of the most important aspects we observed because we wanted to see if it really existed beyond what DR Escapes videos would show. I can truly say that if you want to exist in a place where real community and relationships exist & where friends (or strangers) will help you with anything you need, then the area in and around Cabrera may be the place for you. I look forward to returning again in the near future and would love to eventually bring my family to live there.




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