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Ruby & Brent

My husband and I had the opportunity to spend the week of thanksgiving holiday 2012 in the Dominican Republic, and boy, what a great visit that was.  Good food/drinks, great people and not to mention the sites.

My husband has been interested in getting another passport for quite some time, in light of everything that is happening here in the US.  Since I have dual citizenship from my country Trinidad, we thought we could get him a passport from there, but it turned out he had to live in Trinidad for some period of time before that was possible and since I didn’t want to move back home, getting a passport from there was no longer an option.

When he came across the DRESCAPES website, he was intrigued by what Barry was saying about the DR and the possibilities that were available.  Benounce to me, he decided to plan this trip to visit Barry. Just before thanksgiving 2012 he says to me we are going to the DR on vacation. I was abit taken back because I knew nothing about this place, and suddenly we were going to visit some stranger. I started my own research into the DR and began mentioning to the people I worked with. All I got from them was I needed to be careful, there’s a lot of crime and I shouldn’t leave the resort. (I was abit scared after hearing those comments). The day before our trip, I said to my husband, are you sure about this? We don’t know these people and we are heading into new territory.  Should I be scared?  He reassured me and said he has been in touch with Barry and he seems to be reliable, well informed and legitimate.

We arrived in Puerta Plata and were greeted by Barry and Willie. Needless to say, I felt at ease the moment I met Barry, what a truly genuine person he is.   We also met some other folks that were visiting the DR for the same reasons we were. It was amazing that we all hit it off right away. We were all interested in the same thing (a better way of life).

Our trip to the hotel was quite a scenic one. We were able to enjoy the ocean views, see animals roaming freely eating healthy green grass and the lush plantations on either side of the road.  The people seemed so carefree. It felt like I was in another world.  How could this beautiful place be so close and yet so far?

After driving through all the little towns and watching the people of the DR do their thing, we arrived at hotel La Catalina in Cabrera.  Wow! The hotel was beautiful and the view from the rooms (no words to describe) – I certainly didn’t wake up to anything like this living in Trinidad.

We had breakfast every morning at the hotel and boy; it was good, fresh island fruit and fruit juices. They grew their own vegetables right there at the hotel – how we miss that!!!  We ate lunches and dinners at the local restaurants – what amazing foods and the prices are unbelievable.  Barry made sure we saw it all, the wonderful beaches, mountains, restaurants, the farmers market, and met with the locals. I even had a manicure/pedicure for $20.00 (what a deal).

We ate at the local carwash on Thanksgiving Day and need I say more, the food was great.  We didn’t spend the entire day cooking and eating and then crashing in front of the television like most Americans do.  We hang out with the locals and watched them play dominos.

For me, having traveled most of the Caribbean islands, I must say, the DR is by far the most beautiful place I have seen, not to mention the friendliness of the people. We can’t say enough about Barry and his team for putting this together and trying to help so many people.

Our trip was so organized and well planned out.  They made it so easy for us to make the decision to move here some day. Everything that was mentioned about the DR on the website was so much more than I expected. At no point did we feel threatened or unsafe.

What amazes us the most is the quality of life you could have in the DR. We observed the life that Barry and Liane have, and it is so stress and worry free and relaxing – I want that too, life is too short. Being able to eat healthy delicious food with no pesticides/chemicals, water without fluoride, and clean air to breathe!!!! No stress.  We live a very hectic life here in the US, we both work at a hospital and it is so crazy all the time.  Finding the DR, I think is a godsend. We all just want to live simpler lives and to cut back on all the meaningless things that we accumulate.

To all the folks out there, if you are looking for a new beginning/lifestyle and are uncertain about the future (like we are), please, get in touch with Barry, he is truly a man with a wealth of knowledge and genuinely wants to help all.

My husband hasn’t gotten a DR passport yet, but together with the people we met on our trip, we are in the process of closing on our parcel of land – we will be neighbors soon!!!  “To a new beginning.”

To Barry, your beautiful wife Liane, Willie, (Willie’s father-in-law), Denise and all the wonderful people on the DRESCAPE Tours – thank you for what you are doing to help the rest of us and for showing us what life can be like…

With peace and gratitude,

Ruby & Brent

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