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Universe doesn’t care about you!

The heading says it all! But, people still cling to their beliefs, because, to them science is the devil! It always amazes me how people can Be militated by religion, especially by politicians who use it to gain advantage! Best and most current example is Trump! This nut, is no more religious, then a man in the moon. However, just like all politicians, he knows how to use people to his advantage! The only God or Gods they believe in is MONEY and power! But, having said that, you know and I know that The Universe really doesn’t care about us! As we slowly destroy this home, our only home, it’s really sad to see just how stupid people really are! One person wrote on your site, how he still believed in his bible! That’s the best example, of what you just tried to get across to him! His religion is correct and the other 3,999 are wrong! Love the article, keep up the good work!

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