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The Dangers of Propaganda

After so long it’s great to be back with you all. Moving takes a lot of time but now that we’re all settled it’s back to providing fact backed information to the open minded. Factual Information for higher thinking folks I’m blessed to call subscribers. This was recently sent to me from one such person. It is so true that I thought what better place to begin again. Enjoy and as always until next time this is Barry in DR.

The Dangers of Propaganda - Watch it from our Bitchute Channel The Dangers of Propaganda - Watch it from our Bitchute Channel
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  • Gary Dec 23, 2021, 8:00 pm

    Barry really great to hear from you. I’ve sincerely missed your commentaries. I understand that you were busy building your new house. Congratulations! This is an experience for the ages. While I didn’t totally buy the various theories on the origin of the pandemic in the beginning, I always kept an open mind and left all of the ideas and personalities stored away in my mental file cabinet in case I needed to open up these subversive thoughts again. I especially had an interest in the medical steps that great heroic doctors such as Zelenko, Peter McCoullagh, Pierre Kory and Paul Marik were proving in early Covid treatment.

    I agree with you. Australia is toast along with western Europe. The US has an advantage because of its federal system where the states have a lot of power. If you compare the governor of Florida with the governor of California, it’s like night and day. There is much more open vaccine mandate rebellion here in the US than in Europe. However how long can these states holdout. I don’t trust republican politicians any more than democrats. Also I didn’t realize until now that all major municipalities have emergency powers since March 2020 and they can anytime pass draconian mandate laws. Boston is now instituting the fascist vaccine passports. San Antonio is also doing it even though it is in a red state. This is scary. So unless enough people wake up the US will be toast like the rest of the western world. How many fuckin’ jabs will it take to crack the damn of mass psychosis. By the way watch this video of Professor Mattias Desmet of Belgium discussing Mass Formation (Mass Psychosis). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRo-ieBEw-8&t=314s This may sound incredible but I think many ordinary people may not want this to end. The fear, that you talk about, and danger unfortunately give a lot of people meaning in their life.
    Western world is toast. However the rest of the world will be fine.

    Anyhow thanks for the commentary. Nice that you’re back.

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