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As I attempt keeping my subscribers in tune with useful information regarding the ever changing events, let’s move onto a subject I first began mentioning over a decade ago and that is: How important it is for everyone in your family to have a second passport. What I’m about to describe will certainly come as [...]

On what will be my final video in this series I’ll discuss a couple more often overlooked options for qualifying. I briefly discuss the options of Special skills and of a Work visa. I caution my younger viewers to understand that doors will eventually open if you’re the right person. Like so often I’ll use [...]

In this the 2nd video I dive in a bit deeper.  I’ll touch on a few areas so often overlooked until after you’ve already made your final immigration decision. I revisit why I feel it’s mandatory owning at least two passports. An exit strategy, an extra queen on the board, a get out of jail [...]

If a person’s looking at relocation as a future option I suppose a logical place to begin would be looking into what are the immigration requirements of that country. While I’m no expert on the subject and I’m certainly not an immigration attorney over the past six plus years have referred over 1400 files to [...]

Over the next while I have several visitors arriving on tour so I might not have much free time to blog. But I wanted to briefly retouch on a subject I’ve mentioned more times than I can remember. I want to revisit the importance of holding a 2nd passport. Apparently things are progressively changing in [...]

I’ve long understood the importance of holding more than one passport. In fact its significance can be lifesaving. Furthermore I also understand the added security gained by having assets in more than one nation. What I still find puzzling though is why so few grasp the importance of both. I deem them both necessities. I [...]