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Quick Question: Are borders meant to keep you out or keep you in?

As I attempt keeping my subscribers in tune with useful information regarding the ever changing events, let’s move onto a subject I first began mentioning over a decade ago and that is: How important it is for everyone in your family to have a second passport. What I’m about to describe will certainly come as a shock to most Westerners but it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt my take away point of how quickly things can and do change.

When I first began mentioning the importance of having a second passport I made a statement identifying the following. Owning a second passport is one of those things that hopefully will never be needed, however if it became so that’s exactly the time you’d be ecstatic for thinking ahead and going through the expense and inconvenience of obtaining it. I’m constantly informing people to look at a second passport similar to a “get out of jail free” card in the game of Monopoly. Another comparison might be viewing it similar to a health insurance policy. You hope you’ll never need it but if you do that’s when you’ll appreciate having it. Seems over the past four months many subscribers have emailed a thank you about pushing them to pursue the inconvenient task.

At the same time I also warned repeatedly about how requirements will change making the process more difficult. Many folks I know and have warned years prior have recently stated how sorry they were about not heading the suggestion when it was first mentioned to them. I do feel bad but changing the captains after grazing the iceberg does little good. Those folks are on course with whatever lies ahead in their particular country. I hope they’re paying more attention and prepping whatever they feel is necessary for the area that they’re currently at or plan on relocating within the same nation.

While most countries continue offering programs to individuals seeking such options as I warned the requirements in most countries have gotten harder to meet. The bar has been raised and in some cases quite a bit higher. Several countries have taken advantage of the increasing numbers of those looking for options on voting with they’re feet. In many countries you can still buy your passport by investing a certain amount into real estate or depositing a certain sum into the country. The ideas vary greatly nevertheless these numbers have risen greatly. The days of relocating and relaxing under a palm tree with no skin in the game are long gone. Welcome to what some are terming as the new normal. Until next time, Barry in DR.

Link:  https://www.passportindex.org/byRank.php

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