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Paul & Elizabeth

Hey all,

I can’t say enough about our trip and encounter with the DR Escapes team!!!  WOW  –   if a picture paints a thousand words it would take a novel to describe the views at every turn which remain vividly impressed  on my memory forever, the oceans, mountains, the people the culture!  (We come from I believe, the 10th largest city in the USA).

It only takes a few minutes being around anyone from this crew to feel right at home.  The atmosphere of this little piece of paradise makes me think of the reference to Eden.  Numerous Incredible beaches only minutes away.

Playa Diamante and a quiet cliff side beach I believe that is referred to as Cabo Viejo Frances are my favorites.  One of the most spectacular secluded beaches I have ever seen. It even has a fresh water mountain runoff stream shower that pours out onto the beach.   It’s great to risne off the salt and feel refreshed.

Barry and Liane make you feel like family and you quickly get a sense of belonging to the community as you meet the shop keepers, restaurant owners who are all like your neighbors.

Cabrera was by far the town we liked best.  My wife & I rented a  motorcycle and rode about 40 miles cross country through all the little towns and villages east from Rio San Juan.  Cabrera was hands down the best!  It feels like home except without Walmarts, ice cream, restaurants and a gas station on every corner.  (who really needs them?)

I could write a book about our visit but will keep it to this…. Cabrera, Barry, Liane and the DR Escapes team were all amazing and the tour was eye opening and refreshing to say the least!  If this has the least little appeal to you at all, you owe it to yourself to get here and see it for yourself.   It’s simple, wonderful and peaceful paradise.  We are planning our return…………..

Paul & Elizabeth



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