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As time marches on more and more of what was once regarded as conspiracy theories begin to reveal. The Fauci emails exposed something far more sinister than corruption; it exposed how little value these people place on human life. It’s kind of ironic that it’s the same people who have also convinced a sizable percentage that it’s all for their own protection (control).

Mainstream news sources can no longer keep such atrocities under the rug and by exposing even those few has triggered a huge shift in the public’s mindset. Things are beginning to unfold. Whether it’s the Fauci emails or the Gates divorce announcement on the week of May 8th signals that things going forward are going to be questioned closer, a lot closer! Part of this is a good thing as more are awakening, however as history proves, also causes the different views to divide further. We’ve been conditioned in today’s world that the peas can no longer touch the mashed potatoes. As was said by former President Bush “you’re either with us or against us”.

Now that time’s taken its path and as always is the case, liars will eventually trap themselves in one of two ways. Liars get caught by timelines and by geography. Knowing this makes the apophatic research we do so rewarding.

I revisited this excellent archived video at this time for a reason. If you read the above now you know why.  Knowing the timeline of this video and if you grasp what I’m saying then you’ll understand that after that initial acceptance into Congress way back in 2019, everything after is just part of the plan. This holds true no matter how convincing the illusion is. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jun 26, 2021, 3:05 am

    Barry, I think there’s real misunderstanding. H.R. 748 was originally introduced as a bill on January 24, 2019 by Representative Joe Courtney of Connecticut (D). At the time, however, the bill was titled the “Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019”. This initial version of H.R. 748 passed the House on July 17, 2019. At this time and all throughout 2019 there was no mention at all of the word coronavirus.

    Quoting a political science professor “it is not unusual for the Senate to take up a House-passed bill, strike it, and then replace the House-passed bill content with new legislative provisions, which is what happened to H.R. 748.

    This practice, allowed under the Constitution, might be used because it can allow leaders to slightly speed up the process compared to starting from scratch with a new Senate bill and because the Constitution requires ‘revenue’ bills to start in the House, which has been interpreted over the years to apply both to bills that raise taxes and that spend money (like the CARES Act).

    After the Senate passes a bill with different content from an original House-passed bill, the new bill must return to the House and pass before being sent to the President for signing. This is also what occurred in the negotiations over the provisions of the CARES Act, H.R. 748.”

    So apparently under the constitution they can take any house bill and add new provisions to it, vote on it again in the House and then pass it on to the president. This process short circuits the normal start of a brand new bill which would take a lot longer.

    Sorry but the guy’s argument in the 6 minute video doesn’t pass the smell test. Before he issues such a rant he should do some research into the legislative process. Just do a little research before you get egg on your face.

    Barry if you have a counter to this and can prove that the words coronavirus was actually stated in Congress in 2019 please present the evidence. I’m all ears.

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