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Ben & Connie – Austin, Texas

How do you describe an experience in a way where the recipient comes away with the understanding of what you are attempting to explain? This is the paradox we find ourselves in.  Wanting to convey what we just experienced over the last two weeks without leaving anything out.  Well here goes…

Folks, Barry & Liane Soloman happen to be two of the finest individuals we have ever met. Extending heartfelt courtesy to strangers as if you were long lost friends in a way which leaves you feeling as though you have come home after an extended absence only to be greeted as if you left yesterday.  They bent over backwards to make us feel welcome, knowing we were like scared puppy dogs, only to emerge informed, energized and excited about relocating to a wonderful place. These people are the real deal through and through.  We were stunned by their hospitality and willingness to inform, help and guide us through the gauntlet of moving out of the United States to a safe harbor, where we can weather the upcoming storm that is forming on the horizon. The clock is ticking and the window of opportunity will not be open forever. Please check this country out! Let Barry show it to you in a way you will not regret.  He did for us and we are forever grateful.

Barry provided an extreme amount of time, energy and focus helping us understand the Dominican culture and their ways. The Dominican people are from a by-gone era where people smile, wave and say hello which makes you want to become a part of their culture.  People there are largely economically disadvantaged, but do not under-estimate their sense of dignity, pride, happiness and a willingness to please.  I have never said “hola” so many times in my life; I felt like I was running for office, and they were actually content that we were there.  The pace was “laid-back”, unlike living in the US where we have become like fire ants on a hot sidewalk.  These people know how to enjoy life and they take it as it comes, one day at a time.  They smile! I mean they all smile as soon as you smile at them! Happiness and contentment must be woven into their DNA.  We Americans hardly know what to do with that.  We have been hoodwinked, lied to, misled, tricked, coerced, and manipulated in so many ways we have lost our inner peace to a point where most of us are selfish, empty, sad and miserable. What a total shame. This is not life. Life should not be this way.  Something is wrong with us, it is “time for a cool change”…….let’s leave that old baggage behind in America and embrace something new and fresh.  We have decided enough is enough.  We only hope to re-discover that special something that we all have to offer each other.  That special something is loving kindness and it is free to all who want to embrace it. Hope you will join us!

How about…palm trees swaying in the breeze, aqua blue and green water that is absolutely pristine and clear, white sand beaches, so many different kinds of trees, plants and living things you cannot see enough of it.  Bananas, avocados, coconuts, oranges, limes, mangos, and passion fruit growing on the tree, bougainvillea, beautiful grasses, date palm, fan palm, every palm imaginable. Gorgeous mountain lands fertile with grassfed livestock that is world class and plentiful.  Water from mountain streams which are gravity fed.  Seafood that is to die for, marlin, tuna, sea bass, parrotfish, flounder, grouper, shrimp, lobster, oysters and the list goes on. The most delicious tender grass fed beef you will ever taste. The purest, richest chocolates and coffees ever grown; wonderful yogurt, cheeses, peanuts and almonds.  All organic food, with no pesticides, no hormones, and absolutely no GMOs; fresh, plentiful and available on a daily basis at about half the cost or less than in the states. Yes it is all true! It is real!

We travelled from Cabrera to the west to Cabarete where they hold the World Championship Kitesurfing competition. Accommodations there are top notch, along with endless restaurants serving the finest in food, wine and drinks par excellence.  Did someone say “Third World Country?” Really?  Are you serious? Yeah, I am serious. We also travelled further to Sosua which is another town with all the fine dining and additional things you may need when missing the modern American conveniences.  Then we travelled east of Cabrera to the coastal city of Las Terrenas through a breathtaking mountain pass down into the city where we bought lemon roasted chicken, bananas and a “bread of sugar” pineapple, and ate on a beautiful beach under the palms.  Felt guilty for a millisecond, pinched ourselves, and said “We can do this?”…for how much a month?  Really, we can do this?  As they say in Washington…Yes We Can.

It matters not your age, politics, or your religion, the only thing that matters is that you find a place where you can be free like we used to be before all the constricting changes began and we lost our freedoms while we were too busy pursuing the mirage called The American Dream. Relocate that dream and make it your reality, with safety, peace, friends, food, and water in an absolutely beautiful place out of harm’s way.

The Dominican Republic is that place, Barry is the guy, so pack your bags and leave your baggage behind. The window will not stay open forever, and who knows you may rediscover yourself again in the process. Thank you Barry, we have Discovered Our Destination!


Ben & Connie – Austin, Texas



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