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Fractional Reserve Banking Have the bank runs already begun.

April 18, 2020

Fractional Reserve Banking Have the bank runs already begun.

From a Previous post years ago!              We learn by first unlearning. Be careful what you believe is true. No one can teach you what they do not know themselves.

Most long time subscribers can relate to the fact I’m forever stressing the importance of asking the right question or questions. Another thing I thankfully accept complete responsibility for is this. I continually stress the point of how important it is for you to first unlearn what you think you already know. If ever there was a time to pay serious consideration to understanding that important fact it is impossible to learn the new if you can’t first unlearn the old now is that time.

In many scriptures stories and fables we humans are referred to as a vessel. What follows is just a brief example:

We’re all mixed in the soup. I hope you all understand this.

“Ohr (“Light” Hebrew: אור; plural: Ohros/Ohrot “Lights” אורות) is a central Kabbalistic term in the Jewish mystical tradition. … The term Ohr in Kabbalah is contrasted with Ma’ohr, the “luminary”, and Kli, the spiritual “vessel” for the light. As a metaphor it also has its limitations.”  

When using the term vessel in many beliefs it’s being used as a metaphor implying it has limitations on its volume. It’s by its current dimensions that you will be able to determine its compactly. This is why you find in several scriptures the term when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Take for instance another example only approaching from the opposite point of view: The teacher knows the level of what a student understands by the questions that are being asked. We had better start asking the right questions. A lot of people’s futures are riding on it.

Brief introduction to Fractional Reserve Banking:

To some degree the term vessel is being used because as with any vessel when full it cannot accept more. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or learning to understand something that challenged what you previously thought was correct. In the case of the coffee you must dump some or drink some before you can add more. When it involves the mind there are some venues that operate in a similar manner. You must dump some of what you previously thought before anything new will be allowed to be added.

The Walls Are Tumbling Down:

Another aspect of why we’re labeled as a vessel is because many of us possess a closed mind. It’s as if our minds are composed of clay glass plastic or metal. Many of us remain ridged there is no flexibility. Those are the minds that under stress break instead of flexing and thus adapt to the various changes. Those minds are the largest percentages, however they are also the same minds who never ask the correct questions. WHY? Because you have to remain flexible unbiased in order to formulate the correct question. The question has to come from a neutral position or the data being used is already flawed. We all know what they say… garbage in garbage out!

“Over time it’s a closed mind that will ultimately be the costliest thing you will ever own. Having a closed mind can cost you your health, your family, your relationships and your investments” 

Before moving on it’s imperative that you first realize the situation that you’ve effectively placed you and your family in when storing your families savings in FDIC institutions. The FDIC currently retains enough funds to cover less than 2% of deposits held in escrow. So perhaps the correct question you should be asking is this. When there are so many better places why would you even consider doing this? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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