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Mike, Ontario, Canada

I’m writing to thank you guys for not only great advice on real estate in the DR, but also a great vacation. The discover your destination tour was unbelievable. We actually learned more about the D.R. in 4 days with you and Julian than we could of in 6 months by ourselves. Anyone coming to Cabrera has to hook up with this or you’re missing out on a lot. We could not believe what you guys have done all for just covering the cost of fuel. Fuel that we would have needed anyway if attempted this on our own.

The Hotel (La Catalina) you arranged for me was great, and getting me to and from the airport, fantastic. Introducing me to your families and the BBQ Great. I truly thank you.

Showing me different areas on the island, cities like Cabarete, Sousa and Santiago. You were very informative, which allowed me to make the right decision as far as location goes. Cabrera had the right feel, friendly people, beautiful beaches and best of all, not too crowded. I really value your advice it was so spot on I can’t thank you both enough. I’ve already mentioned you both to several friends and family members. Some have been to the Dominican Republic before but were staying in the all-inclusive resorts. You both were right again when staying in these traps you are totally clueless in understanding how beautiful is actually is.

I’m excited thinking about my next visit. Our land that we bought is more than we dreamed we could have ever gotten for the price you and Julian negotiated. Looking forward to when I can spend winters in the DR, with friends like you guys. Correction with family like you guys.

Mike, Ontario, Canada



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