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Troy, Jeamette, and Derek

Our time in the DR, let me just give a bit of back history, Troy sits in front of a computer all day for work so he has an opportunity to search different sites, we have been trying to look at different options simply because we know that we can’t sustain ourselves here. He started talking to me about DR in the midst of my crazy traveling work schedule I basically had been traveling since September with a few weeks at home and gone again sometimes up to 3 weeks at a time. I could not even imagine going anywhere else much less think about living in another country. Even before we came I had been gone 12 days, home 30 hours, and hopped on a plane to DR.  As we landed in Santiago I said to Troy “This is an adventure.  We are getting off this plane in another country meeting a guy we don’t know and going to a place we have no idea where it is and we can’t even speak the language”.  There was Barry, all smiles, as we walked out of the baggage claim. We brought our 15 year old with us. He was wearing a beanie, yes in 80 degree weather, and he is 6’2” so Barry knew it was us he was supposed to meet.

The beauty of the country is unmatched in any country I have been in. I may not have traveled as much as some, but more than most, and DR is beautiful. The mountains, the beaches are breathtaking.  But all of that beauty aside, it is the people that make this country so near and dear to my heart.

Barry is a wonderful, gracious host, who has not a care of time schedule.  When we asked to have a day at the beach and could not get a car he dropped us off, picked us up, not being put out at all.  Liane, his beautiful wife (aka Mouse) is  precious, thoughtful, kind, generous. As well as all the people we had the honor of meeting while in Cabrera, Tal who just moved there, Johnny and his wife, Willi and his beautiful family, Marie Josie and Claude who will make your side hurt from laughing so hard.  Barry also made us feel that when we do move to Cabrera that we have a support system to help us figure out what to do and how to do it. Barry has set up a way to help with each aspect of settling in from buying property to where to get your furniture or a car.

Aside from all the people Barry introduced us to, it was the people of Cabrera that we enjoyed the hugs the welcoming smiles. We walked to dinner as a family one night. I felt so safe even though we stuck out as the tourist gringos. People smiled said hello. We cannot wait to return. Our son wants to live there, he has that adventuresome spirit. So for us as a family it is not a matter of if but when we move.

Troy, Jeamette, and Derek



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