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Bill, Texas

It’s hard to find a starting point to describe my experiences with Barry and ALL of the DR Escapes Family. I have read all the comments from other groups that have been posted and have found that I identify and agree with everything that has been written. The DR Escapes family is absolutely wonderful. The small town of Cabrera and the surrounding countryside is stunningly beautiful. The food is fantastic and the local people are as friendly, warm and accepting as they come.

My adventure began when Barry picked me and my traveling companion (Jimmy) up at the Puerto Plata airport. Little did we know what lay ahead in the days to come? As many have written in the comments, we too traveled the north coast from Puerto Plata in the West to Nagua in the East and inland through the farms, hills and dirt back roads of this island nation of the Dominican Republic. I’ve always thought Texas was God’s Country, but that was before I visited Cabrera. Fertile land, abundant water, food growing everywhere you look, and of course, happy people. What is there not to like? Another huge observance was that the government does not appear to be overly intrusive into the day to day lives of its citizens. We passed by the Cabrera Police Station many times during the week and each time we were greeted with Hola! and waving hands from the police officers. You won’t see that back home in Texas (whose motto is “The Friendship State”).

I would like to thank Barry and his wife Liane, Willy and his family, Richard and his wife Judy, Claude and his wife Marie Josie, T Lamont and his family, Troy (Jeamette and Derek) from Colorado, Denise (and her big smile), Johnny, Tim Stephens and all the Staff at La Catalina, Juan Alberto (Babunuco Cigars), Ana (at the little restaurant beside the new Malecon. The Parrot Fish is fantastic) and anyone else that I might have missed. You ALL made my discovery tour a truly memorable event. I can hardly wait for a return trip to again be amongst this wonderful group (family) of human beings.

Barry Thanks again for all you are doing for all of us. Hope to see all of you again soon!!




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