Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!


The DYD tour was my first time to visit the Dominican Republic.  I’ve traveled the world through my military job and it’s hard to put into words how unique the DR is.  Everything Barry says about the country is accurate.  I must have said “hola” 200 times and the smiles and warm friendly atmosphere are felt immediately.  I actually had to set my complimentary rum and coke down to hand the customs officer my passport at the airport. That was the first smile of many…and also the first rum 🙂

Barry helped set me up in a villa near town for $40 per night.  This was a nice, modern, two story villa with everything I needed including WiFi.  My lodging for the 5 day trip came to $160 total.  Unbelievable!

But don’t expect to spend much time in the room.  I spent most of my time doing the tour during the day and socializing with the locals and the expats every evening.  I think it’s safe to say I have at least 20 new friends in the DR.  Willie and his family are great and I’ve never felt more welcomed.  After only a few minutes (and a few Brugals) I felt like I could call them true friends.  You could search the world over and not find better people.

I knew from other’s experiences that most of the visitors and expats would be on the same page with respect to the current state of the world.  We were in almost universal agreement on the threats facing us all with the impending monetary collapse and the slow destruction of our access to a healthy lifestyle.  It’s refreshing to be able to speak freely with others who are awake.  The network of like-minded friends that I came away with made the whole trip worth it all by itself.

I never thought relocating to another country was an option for me.  I really didn’t think I had the funds to make it work.  After seeing it with my own eyes I now see how possible it is for me to live a happy “quality” life with far less money than I imagined.

In a nutshell, words aren’t really sufficient to describe this place.  It has to be experienced.  Thank you Barry, Liane, Willie.  You’re doing a good thing here.  It’s so much more than real estate.  You are opening up your world to those of us who are looking for an answer.  And I know it will come back to all of you 10 fold.




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