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In one form or another I’ve been living as an expat for over three decades.  Except for a brief period while my father was ill my last full year spent in western cultures was 1985.  Quite often people ask me what were my reasons for becoming an expat.  Why did I choose expatriation as the way to go?  While several reasons may have changed over such a vast time line, the initial reason still remains intact.  Lifestyle it was the lifestyle. In several developing nations one can experience a slower pace and I favor residing in countries that emulate that lifestyle.

Fast forward a decade or two and how things can change!  What once was my primary reason for choosing expatriation today would be seamlessly shared by several other reasons. Far more important reasons for choosing to leave America leaving Europe and yes even leaving my home nation of Canada.

I suppose you can say in one way or another it still boils down to lifestyle. But in this last example the attrition of lifestyle.  Many nations are suffering a slow but steady destruction.  For the majority the quality of living is nose-diving to what seems to be its lowest depths in decades.  The indisputable loss of freedom and privacy surrounds everyone and it’s only going to get worse.  Many folks I meet seem to have this feeling of hopelessness that comes from living in a demoralized nation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Honestly it doesn’t but so few are able to see what’s outside the box.

I launched the something feels wrong web site and YouTube channel to address such topics from a boots on the ground experience level that few people possess.  It is our mission to provide options for the open-minded.  Our passion is initiating multiple paths leading to your best choice as a plan B.  For the out of the box thinkers who may be looking for options this just may be your place to be looking for them.

Everyone is different and we respect that so it’s not our goal suggesting our region located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is right for everyone.  Common sense alone would rule that trend of thought incorrect.  Rather we’re here to share thoughts and ideas with anyone looking for a better, less stressful life.  Looking for perhaps what might be a better harbor to weather the storm. There are several safer harbors and some of them are located in countries other than your own. Remember it’s the citizens that always get the short end of the stick.

Providing thoughts and Ideas without suggesting anything is right or wrong.  Only you can decide that for yourself. I’m here to provide a variety of ideas emanating from someone who’s been in over one hundred countries and has lived in six.  If any of this appeals to you then preview the short YouTube below.  If something feels wrong you owe it to yourself and your family to first find out what it is and second start doing something to remedy it.  But do it soon time is not on your side.

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Barry in DR

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