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Jim, Colorado

Originally I had planned on joining the April group tour to experience the northern coast, but as luck would have it, the day of my departure the airline ended up canceling my flight along with hundreds of others. With thousands of travelers having to reschedule, I was not going to be able to make this tour.

When I talked to Barry I mentioned that I was interested in doing the group tour, but my schedule would not permit me to rebook until June. Barry asked if I had time the following week. When I said yes, the next week was available, Barry said to go ahead and book the flight and he would work with me individually. I was amazed that Barry and the DREscapes folks made themselves available to do all the group activities and more with just one person.

For someone new to this environment it made it easier that I was picked up at the Puerto Plata airport for the ride to Cabrera, in addition to the extensive traveling that we did along the coast and in the hill country.

What a unique opportunity to tour the many magnificent beaches, the hill country, much of the northern coast and the local Cabrera area. I was able to experience the exceptional food, great restaurants and wonderful people over the next several days.

The coastal area weather was great the whole time. It is interesting how many of the building designs take advantage of the continuous sea breezes that are part of the area.

Another great part of my stay was the conversations I had, to share and receive new insights on a variety of subjects.

I liked my visit so much that I am planning a return trip to the area this summer to explore in even more detail the potential to relocate to the DR.

Jim, Colorado



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