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There Just May Be a God We All Believe In

It didn’t really come as any big surprise that the previous video drew a large email response containing questions of how this can actually be accurate. Sadly so many good people had blindly put their trust into institutions amounting to little more than government run ponzi schemes. So many are about to lose almost everything they have and their denial is only going to cost them more.  Actually the area that caught me totally by surprise was discovering that so many people never could fathom what we mentors found to be rather obvious. I suppose the question ‘Where does money come from?” eludes the greater percentage of societies. This ignorance is not limited to a particular nation, race or belief. It’s sort of an equal opportunity or all who choose to participate. For all who choose to be or remain ignorant the opportunity remains open. The groups of the negative minded share several similarities with the groups of the ignorant minded. At the forefront of my thoughts would be first, they’re easy to join. The clubs are plentiful and second, they’re always looking for new members.

People are beginning to commonly ask me “Where or how did you learn to think that way?” Fair question but one of the main items that needs altering is the following. Don’t believe research! You’ll need to form a hypothesis if you want any sense of accuracy. Remember time is a commodity, you save it, spend it, invest it and yes waste it. An opinion takes little if any effort however when forming a hypothesis it takes a fair investment of that person’s time. To first collect, then sort, followed by eliminate the waste and finally compose it into a logical order. There is a fair investment of one’s time before releasing the final statement. To me one has clout while the other is… well we all have our opinions don’t we. Secondly it is MANDATORY that you invest your time and study exactly what symbolism is. If you don’t you will not be aware of your actual surroundings. Symbolism is a language and one you need to understand. Until next time, Barry in DR.

Link to the post mention in the video:  https://www.somethingfeelswrong.com/fractional-reserve-banking-have-the-bank-runs-already-begun/


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