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New Coronavirus Study is a GAME CHANGER!

April 23 2020

New Coronavirus Study is a GAME CHANGER

What we felt was an excellent example of unbiased journalism. Thank you Steve Deace now all who are reading this do as he says and pass it on.

Here’s an excellent sample of accurate journalism. While it saddens me I completely understand it will soar over the flat jar-heads which compose the majority of what we still think of as society, still in the efforts of the small percentage I’ll post it anyway. This study performed by Stanford University supports beyond reasonable doubt a major point we mentors brought to the table long ago and that is.

Does the threat warrant the actions taken?

When watching you’ll want to pay close attention to this excellent to the point detailed study performed by one of the highest ranking experts in the field. These are the results obtained by Stanford University and guess what they match ours and we printed the same almost a month prior!!!

New Coronavirus Study is a GAME CHANGER

All along this is what our study group revealed. Yes there is a virus and NO the complete shutting down of the world’s economies was not called for. All along it was a catalyst and as always the greater majority fell for it. As they continually have all throughout our history.

I’ve mentioned this this several times in past posts how we mentors feel this is an inherent flaw in our very DNA and if not corrected will become our demise. Make no mistake we are little more than just another herd on this planet and as such will increase or decrease to accommodate ever changing environments.

I suppose it’s a coincidence that us humans are the only species to have a fused DNA. I’ve toured with several good folks either presently or formally from the medical sector and from all areas of it. My experience is the small percentage that already knew could offer no valid explanation as to why. Fusion does not happen in any other place except by being done deliberately in a lab.

Because of the Ego’s power especially when its coupled to ignor-ance once mixed together jells to form an epoxy. Once cured the end result is a hardened mind. If left unchecked when a society becomes solely focused on one side or the other and it doesn’t matter which side eventually leads to divided societies ALWAYS! Have you had a look around lately? Whoever’s reading this is doing so while under LOCKDOWN! Enough said about that one.

Stop passing the buck we have to take the first step or soon enough it won’t even matter anymore. We have no one other than OURSELVES to be blaming. If at this late stage we still refuse to drop our petty differences if we cannot join together and first focus on our true common enemy then none of us mentors are seeing a good outcome down the path for any of us. I can say with no guilt when saying YOU ELECTED THEM! We refused to vote for any of them. We already understand…

You can’t hold a turd by its clean end and you never will.  

By understanding the above should leave little doubt in understanding that by being blindly led by your elected, the chosen ones we have brought it upon ourselves the undeniable fact that now Billions will suffer a fate beyond their wildest beliefs.

If on the other hand had we allowed this meager virus to run its natural course and kept the economy functioning would had reduced the figure on those who will suffer from the Billions to lower millions. While that figure still sounds outrageous and it is I remind you there are currently around 7,577,130,400 people on the planet.

Remember we humans have a terrible time understanding large numbers.

Always reduce large numbers into percentages. If you do you almost always yield a clearer picture. After watching this video and then plugging in an outrageously high mortality figure of 2 Million deaths still arrive at a .026% figure. So what would have been millions at most by overreacting and jumping at the first bit of bad information offered will now affect Billions. But it was always designed to do just that anyway. They used that same weapon they always do. They used us once again as an ignor-ant citizenry. How many times can I say

“a closed mind will be the costliest thing you’ll ever own”. 

Still doubt it? Then the mentors ask you to take a close look at some other facts recently revealed by our unbiased research by the numbers. In this case we ran the recent unemployment numbers. We ask you to observe all the people still running around wearing masks. None of  these people could have done any formal research. Instead they’ve just been doing what they were told to do. They’re follow orders.

For your own safety you had better understand when the shortages begin to arrive it is those very same people who will almost instantaneously become your enemy. When any such people come calling all you have to do is repeat an old slogan from back in the Reagan days. When former First Lady Nancy Reagan coined the phrase “just say no”

It’s at that time when you “just say no” to the overwhelming population of unprepared fools who do what they’re told to. When you say NO well you’ve just became an instant enemy. According to that mindset it’s always someone else’s fault. Be prepared to defend yourself at that point. I know from personal experience. I’ve been shot twice. Until next time.

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