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Latest Vaccine News from Dr. Vernon Coleman

Once again I’ll request your attention be aimed at Dr. Vernon Coleman. His recently released video is perhaps one of his most important. Even though the information contained is crucial to understand I do not feel it will make much of a difference. The ones behind the masks are all but lost. Over time their fear, misunderstanding and above all failure to live up to their responsibility of researching has won over them. Instead of investigation the constant fear and repeated propaganda has won. Now they just blindly oblige. Over a two year time period they’ve become as trained as Pavlov’s dogs. Now they just react.

Almost two years ago I first coined the term beware of the ones behind the masks. The mentors were able to recognize this modern day Pearl Harbor for exactly what it was slightly after two weeks’ time since conception. So here we stand with the shadow banning, the canceling and the divide seems to be getting wider by the day. Believe it or not this is a good thing. There’s no turning back and we must go through whatever lies ahead of us. For those stemming from the higher frequencies have you ever wondered if perhaps all along the light was always there and it was the tunnel that’s always been the illusion. History repeats and technology changes! Until next time, Barry in DR.

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