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Deprogramming & Unlearning

I’ve been a fan of Paul Wallis for quite some time now. When one’s done the work for themselves it becomes hard to fool them. Paul has done the work. As he formally goes by Paul Anthony Wallis is best known as a bestselling author whose publishing gained international status part in parcel because of endorsements from famed individuals like George Noory and Erich Von Daniken.

Wallis delves into such subjects as human origins, ancestral research, world mythologies. He attempts to uncover our true almost unlimited potential while finding our geneses in the universe. As a speaker Wallis’ videos, books and documentaries have reached millions. As a senior churchman, Paul served as a Church Doctor, a Theological Educator, and an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia, with numerous titles published on Christian mysticism and spirituality. Most material stemming from Wallis is definitely for the higher frequencies, those capable of maintaining an open mind. Are you one of them? Until next time, Barry in DR.

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