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It’s a Special Feeling

When we first launched this idea of relocating folks back into environments hosting a simpler more sustainable lifestyle little did we know it would graduate to such heights. We’ve assisted folks not only with relocating to the Dominican Republic, but to several other locations as well. I guess my traveling experiences plus maintaining relationships in several of the more than 100 countries I’ve been in is paying off.

Introducing folks to what they now know is a much less stressful lifestyle is a nice enough feeling but, reintroducing folks to what was left so long ago has a special feeling of inner gratefulness. It’s a feeling that we’ve all just come to realize. Over the past while we’ve (the Something Feels Wrong team) noticed an abnormally large percentage of our clients originated from the DR or were at least here for a portion of their adolescence. It’s when these people put their trust in your team is when that feeling of inner gratitude is increased tenfold. The reasons are obvious but until one begins doing it this feeling I’m mentioning about is left largely unnoticed.

Enjoy a coffee along with Librada and Nat as we discuss some of the experiences shared on their excursion. It’s an excursion that by the time it was over exceeded 1000 miles over a two week period. Seems when frequencies are close the channels on the globe begin to merge. It’s a shame that more of our world just can’t seem to understand this universal law. If we did it would settle us right next to true paradise. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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