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Are PCR Tests a Form of Genocide?

I’m confident that a fair percentage of my readers are already familiar with the name Mark Sexton. Sexton was recently reintroduced in a video sent to me from one of the Bitchute Channels I’m subscribed to. I received from the Crowhouse which is a Bitchute channel hosted by Max Igan. I would strongly recommend it as a source of investing time rather than wasting time as with so many other sources.

The mentors have known the name Mark Sexton for quite some time now. For those that don’t he’s a retired UK Constable with over two and half decades of service, however that’s not really what this post and video is all about. It’s about the people who are trying to unveil truth. It’s about the unselfish few who generously invest their time in trying to bring clarity to what’s been cleverly occulted. It’s about those trying to remove the deep rooted fear that comes from being ignorant of the truth.

It’s not important if the audiences are large as is the case with experts like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Rashid Buttar. Even the group called “frontline Doctors” whose numbers have been growing into the hundreds of thousands have all suffered the same fate as the less popular. We’ve all been shadow banned! That’s how you know what’s true! You just look at what‘s being shadow banned. Again and again we keep saying just follow the money!!! But few ever do.

Those who believe that truth will automatically arrive to their cell phone, pay dearly for their false acceptance. It’s they who remain hidden behind a useless face mask deeply rooted in fear or at the very least hiding because of peer pressure. So sad but so true.

It is every capable human being’s responsibility to invest a portion of their time unveiling truth. If not we all pay the same price, we remain in fear. This suffering has little to do with wealth status or formal education. It has everything to do with indoctrination and propaganda.

Well tides are at least beginning to shift direction. Finally it’s the ones asking questions that are spreading faster than the virus. Since there’s no longer a way of avoiding it, perhaps you’ll be able to look at the following in a positive manor.

We’re closer to the insurgency within the nations. Once the bread and circuses get cancelled its all over. The upcoming year of 2022 brings with it violence coming from all directions. Revolution takes on many forms. Often it originates from within the citizenry, but history proves it easily spreads to political. The Mentors expect to see assassination attempts come 2022. There’s no turning back. We have to go through it and see what awaits us on the other side and we say it yet again. We’re going to war with China. Until next time, Barry in DR.



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  • Sheri May 12, 2022, 10:40 am

    Hello Barry,

    Hope you and your family are well.

    Please can you point me in the right direction, on how to seek rental accommodation in Cabrera?

    And does it have the same amenities as in Cabarete eg. banks, ATM, Supermarket, EPS etc

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    PS Am a fan of Max Igan, and sorry he had to leave Australia for Mexico.

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