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First off we’d like to say Congratulations! You wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t at least considering possible options. Regardless if expatriation makes sense to you I’m confident we can and will agree on several pressing subjects of interest. The first of which is the time is well upon us to consider proactive steps to best protect whatever is important to you.

While these decisions are never easy they still need to be made to better protect yourself, your family and your assets. For some that translates into diversifying a portion of portfolio into various nations. Spreading the wealth so to speak. Many prefer to add a bit of what I refer to as “the tangibles” into their survival plan.  Owning gold, silver or Real Estate strategically placed in various countries seems to appeal to this mindset the most.

Others like to ride the crest of the wave and are placing their bets on paper assets. For this mindset purchasing stocks bonds or Government debt seems to be the way to go. For us it’s all good as different people will have different thoughts on just about every subject. Just because finding a place outside of the major impact zones made sense to us doesn’t mean it’s right for anyone else.

The best way of selecting any path worth traveling is first done through gathering research. Then this research should be followed up by healthy dose of communication. Don’t rely on us, the internet or any other single source of information when making your choices. Use several sources and dovetail into the few that make the most sense.

One bit of advice I’ll share from my extensive travels is this. All anybody can ever share with you is their own personal experience that’s it! Remember that doesn’t mean squat when it comes to determining what’s right for you. You’d be well served by remembering this little tidbit of information.

I can assure you when it came to contemplating our plan B my “cut no cut list” would rival most. In fact with the limited time remaining before heavier clamp downs begin to take effect most no longer have the time to create a similar list. If that was your initial intention you needed to start crossing T’s and dotting I’s way earlier as in years earlier. Sorry facts don’t lie it is what it is and while time is a factor it’s still not too late.

A large part of our passion is sharing trending views and ideas based on over three decades of on the ground experience. I’m not here to be anything other than a source of information. You ask the questions and if I can I will answer them.

No one person including myself is capable answer every question but in the event I can’t I’m confident I’ll know the correct source that can. Consider me as a personal GPS but remember garbage in garbage out. Be truthful when asking your questions and I’ll get you within three feet of your destination but the reverse also applies. Deceive me when asking questions and you might end up on the opposite side of the globe from your original idea. But either way remember I was working off of your information the information that you provided.

I want to personally thank you for using the www.somethingfeelswrong.com site and YouTube channel. I hope any communication we have makes encouraging changes for the better. We want to make a positive difference in your life. Together we’ll accomplish this by straight talk and honest communication so fill out the form below and let’s start talking.

Best Adventures

Barry in DR


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