Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

The Recent Serology Study by Stanford University

Secondary only to the ignorance of the masses the single greatest threat we’re all facing is our economy being forcibly locked down. Even though the mentors understood this head fake right from its initial conception with the ever amounting amounts of current well researched information proving this lockdown is nothing more than a hoax to finish an economy that’s been in hospice for the greater part since 2008. With the ever increasing amounts of solid evidence, there is no longer any excuse to be huddled down wallowing in your own fear. All you need to do is some research and not depend on what comes down the pipe and finds you. Understand the fact that it’s YOU who’s destroying our world and the world of the future generations. Get off your sorry ass and start learning something. It’s YOU who’s the selfish bastard YOU!! Being selfish and solely concerned about your own investments reconfirms the state of our being where we find ourselves. By not living up to our personal responsibility to humanity the responsibility we all have to each other’s wellbeing and that is researching the truth the realities of what is happening on our mutual planet. Thus making the correct decisions that only can come from knowing. Most have reduced themselves to reacting after being told what to do. The vast majority who simply refuse to get off their ass and open up to the realities will in a short time be losing it all. I’ve said many times the costliest thing you’ll ever own is a closed mind. Shame most won’t recognize it till either their pension check stops arriving, their rental checks stop arriving or BOTH! I’ll be staying on this subject of the staged lockdown until things open back up for international commerce. Until then all we’re doing by watching Netflix and figuring out how to collect some handout from the same elected people who put you there to begin with. Good luck with that one. Until Next time, Barry in DR.

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