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People are Beginning to Ask Questions

The mentors know there’s nothing more important than the public returning to work. Until the velocity of money begins flowing and freight is once again moving both in the air and on the sea nothing else matters. Every day that we stay idle guarantees the restart will be that much more difficult. Already we’re seeing the financial damage taking up to a decade to recover from the stupidity caused over just the last five weeks of sitting under lockdown. We’re staying with this subject until the lockdown is removed. Through their own closed minded ignorance the public is already given away their futures and the future of their children and grandchildren. It’s a sad time for humanity. The various fears bred into us from the media, from religious beliefs and perhaps above all our closed mindedness is already at this time immeasurable. We’ll be staying on this subject with new data until we return to an open atmosphere where the velocity of currency flows as does the freight. At this sorry point in humanities existence nothing else matters. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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