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Lockdown Day #46 Boots on the ground view from NY

I applaud these efforts immensely. It is this type of boots on the ground information that the mass of humanity should not only be praising but seeking out. For their own continued existence and in efforts to better understand what’s actually taking place in our current environments requires an investment of your personal time. As I’ve often said time is a commodity you either spend it, save it, invest it or waste it.

The extent of damage this hoax has already caused, if even possible will take the better part of a decade to undo and we’ve just begun. Remember until we return to an open economy that is truly functioning to its normal capacity will we even begin to determine the extent of the damage.

When one solely relies on mainstream broadcasted information being fed to them similar to an intravenous dripping a regulated life support can be turned off at any time. If this pretty much describes you then realize one very important fact. You are not in control of that feed valve. Your controllers are. They determine whether the direction of that valve is towards the open or shut position not you. Coming from someone who’s made a life choice of doing my own research easily understands why it is always these types of mindsets that end up as the cannon fodder.

Already in the runner up slots we’ll be showing more information from nurses, doctors, people on the so called front lines bringing forth the truth about this hoax. No question this is the biggest hoax ever pulled over the closed eyes of a dormant minded public. A disguise designed to keep the lost ones isolated in their dwellings huddled in fear while concealing the real agenda.  Believers regardless of what they believe will always be the sheep that are first led to slaughter. It is the few out in the pasture that at times are not worth chasing. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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