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Lockdown Day #47 Learn to Think Differently

Now that the few brave doctors and nurses in fact all over the medical profession many are finally taking a stance and speaking out. Every day now more and more are coming out of the closet exposing the truth. Sad it’s taken over seven weeks to finally come out though.

Many claiming to be on the “FRONT LINE” gosh how I hate that term when used to describe these types of circumstances, however since many of them claim of being front lines why are you coming forward with this almost eight weeks later? It leaves one feeling dismayed if you ponder the obvious. Why did it take you eight weeks to come forward with this?

I’m saddened when I ask myself the correct question. If it weren’t for the fact of it hitting so many in either their wallet or purse would they have still come out of the closet? Listen to some of them! Money seems to be the God we all believe in. Not saying anyone’s good or bad as that to a greater extent remains subjective and no one including myself has the right to judge others. Rest assured I’m not. I’m not judging I’m merely asking.

Here’s my point. First these mindsets and this time I do mean all of them still want to pass off their own responsibility to someone else. It’s your responsibility to do your own research. Relying on what comes to your computer or I-phone is not research! When one fool gathers the majority of votes from other fools and is then elected should be no solid basis to be placing your yet to come wellbeing on. You must seek information not be told information. Everybody first elects and then blames later. It’s your fault. I feel we’re perfectly capable of running our own cities, towns and nations and the first rule would be no elected official serves more than one term.

Anyone actively on the front lines AND who did their own research would have known this in under a week. We mentors did and none of us are even in the medical field. Totally laughed at two months ago to now receiving many emails beginning with how did you know? We didn’t we started gathering information, we researched the non-mainstream sources. You should too. If you disagree then you to will continue to believe the days get longer in the summer and shorter in the winter. Popularity does not designate truth, quite often it’s the exact opposite. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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