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Tucker Carlson – Fox News – Big Tech Censorship

In slightly under two months the mainstream news sources have taken a completely opposite approach. They’ve taken an almost 180 degree shift from where they began just shy of eight weeks prior. As is always the case several others in the mainstream joined forces causing this to become another media bandwagon. The only difference is that it is traveling in the opposite direction. Seriously I wonder if the Israelites had similar leaders. It would explain how they’d be able to remain lost for forty years in a desert that can normally be crossed in mere days.

This brings me back asking a previous question we mentors brought up at the very beginning of this lockdown. We said the correct question to be asking is “Is the threat proportionate to the action taken” well is it? Two months later along with a destroyed economy say’s no it wasn’t! Our leaders many who are self-elected executed decisions based on bad evidence. As usual the flock follows the leader. Seldom is the sheep herder the victim when millions of sheep are close at hand.

Fascism is an easy thing to spot. One of the telltale signs it’s already dominate in your society is when the freedom to express opposing opinions is all but gone. We mentors retain surety it’s already well past that stage. As mentioned several times beginning in 2020 the world is headed into an authoritarian decade. We will never be the same as we once were. This is a pivotal cornerstone for humanity.

Of course due to the freedom we have the Doctors video was pulled in less than 48 hours.  Censorship is about control. Whenever any Government uses the word safety understand it’s implying about their safety not yours. When Governments use the word safety and it’s aimed towards the public understand it takes on a whole other meaning. It means control. Many terms have more than one meaning. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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