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A Warning from the FDIC

People for everyone’s wellbeing do some unbiased research and come up with some solid reliable information for yourself. Those who depend on information arriving to their inbox then you’re not researching you’re being told what is. You’re not investigating you’re being told.

With this never needed to be lockdown already set in place over a month ago all of us have the time to be doing this personal responsibility. This is without a doubt what should be the first thing on everyone’s list of priorities. Of course it goes without saying except for any current serious medical conditions in which it would only devalue only to second place. It’s that important!

Research the alternative media and pay for some private blogs if you care about what happens to you and your loved ones. If you’re brave enough to take on your own responsibility soon enough you’ll be able to determine for yourself just how bad you’ve been misled by your elected.

We assure you it will be the cause that sets into motion the effect. What gets revealed hopefully allows you to complete the much needed distancing from toxic family and friends. I mentioned in a prior post that the “Universe Doesn’t Care” about you, about your family or anything you take as a personal value. None of these are Universal Laws they’re your laws and they don’t count!

Going forward when facing the damage already inflicted by the ignorant masses you may want to be aware of this fact. Soon enough ignoring this may cost you your life. Preferably do this before the last few remaining freedoms we have left are taken away by the ignorance of the masses. When your government feels it necessary to spend our own money expressing that the “best thing you can do is trust your money in a FDIC institution” then the time’s running short. The house of cards has already begun to fall. I’m saddened when I mention for many it’s already too late!

In closing I quote FDIC chairman Jelena McWilliams when she says “this is what I’d like you to take away from this” and so: this is what I’d like you to take away from this. The majority being lazy and not doing their own research which by the way is our own responsibility instead by trusting the same people who have betrayed us time and time again are now using this Coronavirus as a means of coming for your pensions!  Many of us and by our own doing will be totally blindsided when it happens to them. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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