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The Importance of Holding a 2nd Passport

Looks kind of silly doesn’t it?

Over the next while I have several visitors arriving on tour so I might not have much free time to blog. But I wanted to briefly retouch on a subject I’ve mentioned more times than I can remember. I want to revisit the importance of holding a 2nd passport. Apparently things are progressively changing in a direction that once again limits your freedoms.

The DR is only one of several countries worthy of your consideration when choosing where to seek a 2nd passport. The point is JUST DO IT SOMEWHERE!!

Before I commence let me state yet again you’ll find me avoiding the prevailing “with us” or “against us” mindset. The current duality type mentality of today’s thought complex is serving well in dividing the nations. This holds true of all nations, the US does not stand alone here. The negative effect suffered by clinging to this duality type mindset needs no more publicity from me to further nourish it. In fact it is what it is! Let’s be honest by now if you’re still requiring supplementary doses of reassurance that: A) it is in fact true, B) it is in fact present, C) it is in fact active, strike that, Very Active and finally that it already has had its effects on your thought patterns, then I’m afraid of what the future might have in store for you. Your cells react to the environment that they’re placed in. Where are yours?

There comes a time when a person chooses not to see a normalcy bias comes to power, it begins to rule over rational thought. Choices that should be considered subjective have morphed into what’s become general. You can’t be an individual free thinking person anymore without getting harassed from one side or the other. Worse you begin hiding truth and replacing it with hope.

Have a look at this article. I found on the popular English website www.dominicantoday.com and take heed of my point. Every person needs a 2nd passport! How much longer are you going to keep what perhaps might be one of contemporary life’s most crucial decisions on the back burner? This world has changed and you’d better alter course to accommodate or risk being left behind. The iceberg moves for no one.

Whether or not Trump’s anti-immigration plan is the right thing remains to be seen. It matters not if you’re for it or against it (couldn’t resist) it’s already here! It’s reality! Recognize that you should be viewing this as one more step, another nail in the coffin towards limiting your freedoms. This recent move amounts to little more than an additional attempt at restraining your sovereignty. Passports and walls share at least two things in common. First is they keep people from entering and second is they keep people from exiting.

The DR is not even on this list of banned nations. The DR has never had any reason to be included with what is deemed as terrorist threats. We have our problems sure but accused of being terrorists, well I hardly think so. The vast majority of Dominicans are wonderful people I know I’ve been living here for a long time now. These people have helped me learn the advantages of living a simple life. Dominicans are full of life and seem to have adoration for things that begin with the letter B. They love bachata they love baseball and most of all bless them they love Brugal. But all this doesn’t matter WHY? Because the world changed, today’s duality has created a wedge. If you’re not one of us you’re one of them. How sad for those of us who are in the trends.

I no longer find myself lost in the details, however I still meet so many that are. If I know the train is approaching first I get off the tracks then spend valuable time looking up the schedule but from a safe distance. I realize for most it’s the opposite approach. Most are inclined to first check ticket prices, how many stops there are, is food available and of course the all important complaining about the prices featured on the menu. But ask yourself what good is any of that if the train mows you down? You’ve now become a corpse. Perhaps that’s one reason why I put my plan in place so long ago, longer than most have even begun to realize things are changing.

Take the few minutes it takes to read Storm Trump lashes Dominican Republic natives. It’s not that it’s a particularly big deal nor is its contents earth shattering. The key message to be taking away is it serves as another subtle reminder of what could possible happen to all of those who are still putting off the immigration process and of finalizing a second passport. I urge you to vision a 2nd passport as some sort of get out of jail free card.

People holding but one passport shares the same attributes as mentioned earlier. That single passport can either be used to keep people in or it can be used to keep people out. If anyone can offer me any negative circumstances as a result of holding more than one passport please comment. At this point in time I feel it’s never been more imperative. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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