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Meet My Buddy Alduino

Alduino in action

I was enjoying a laid back kind of day so I thought I’d crank up Yota and take a ride over to meet my friend Alduino. Whenever I’m in the area of Rio San Juan I usually take the time to have a drink or two, sit back and chat while enjoying a fine cigar. We’ve known each other for over six years and over that time have shared a lot of knowledge emanating from both of us.

Just a laid back kind of day. Good rum fine cigar and a good old-fashioned chat. Without texting.

In every country that I’ve either lived in or worked in if there’s one thing that holds true it’s blend yourself as best as possible with the locals and with the local culture. But in most places once you’re off the beaten trail you’ll need to have a fair understanding of the local language.  Alduino Lives in Rio San Juan and similar to Cabrera in town you’ll find several folks speaking more than one language. As you venture further away you’ll find the need to speak at least a conversation level of the language becomes greater. But that’s where the real DR culture lies and that’s why we spend a lot of time out their. For now why not sit back and enjoy what amounts to sort of fireside chat with me and my buddy Alduino.

Up Close and Personal Johnny Alduino


Part Two


For my family the North coast of the Dominican Republic has been our home for quite a long time now. While no place is perfect the combination of positives found in this region suites us best. I’ll be doing a new series of YouTube’s featuring both local and foreign guests. Watch for them being released on both our channels here and the popular drescapes YouTube channel.

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  • Dave Feb 16, 2017, 7:14 pm

    When it comes to Dominican cigars Alduino is THE MAN! If you want some of the best cigars for some unbelievable prices his place is where you want to go. It’s worth the 20 minute drive from Cabrera for sure.

    • Barry Feb 16, 2017, 8:30 pm

      Yea and you don’t have to buy a million of them to get a decent price.

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