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A Virus Of The Mind

Are we all born with this virus? Is it present since our birth only lying undetectable? Lying dormant waiting to be released at a certain time in our lives. Is it our shadow our dark side revealing itself? Is it nature or is it acquired over time?

There’s an epidemic virus running rapid amongst humanity. Call it what you will there’s a lot of different names out there but it boils down to a virus of the mind and we’ve all been infected to varying degrees. To better understand the subject matter of this post it’s important for you to know that in order to survive all viruses share three commonalities. First is to duplicate. Second is to infiltrate and third is to spread. Viruses do this to not only survive but infect what has not already been infected.

We’ve been fed fraudulent news for so long most are no longer capable of independent thought. One of the major casualties caused by mind viruses.

However there is one significant entity that separates the mind virus from most others. This virus is able to not only survive but spread in any environment! It knows no boundaries. Most viruses must cultivate from the inside, in other words must grow from the inside and spread from that point. Sure I agree with the fact most physical viruses are originally introduced from the outside via air, contact, water, food etc. but once present in its host from that point forward must breed internally. A key element that distinguishes this particular strain from so many others is its ability to breed both internally and externally.

If one were to take the time researching you’ll find this commonality found in all types of mind viruses. This key distinction serves as one of grandest differences found between physical viruses and non-physical viruses. It’s how they are able to spread. The mind virus I’m blogging about originates from some outside dark force…a shadow force and mutates internally before it’s passed onto others. At the same time those dark forces continue growing and reproducing copies from their external sources. If you’re following what I’m saying that one significant entity makes this virus incurable and that my friend’s is a dangerous thing.

All you need to do is have a look around. Do you like the direction our dualism is taking us? In case there’s any doubt in your mind I’m not solely referring to the US as being affected here. This seemingly incurable mind virus has been affecting our world for many millennia with no sign of subsiding anytime soon. It’s because of this mind virus that we’ve already lowered our standards to such a low frequency that most actually prefer electronic communication to human contact.

Keeping the above true statement in mind let me provide you with the following example. I’ll actually even be using a computer as my reference to compound my point. When a virus hits a computer and if it happens to be yours the first thought for so many is my world has come to a standstill. All kinds of end of the world scenarios come out of the obscurities. My friends are gone. All of my important documents…poof up in smoke. My business and my customers vanished. Everything dies for the moment and it all dies concurrently. For many the initial thought is I’ve lost everything. My little I am what I do or I am what I own world has come to an end.

While you’re contemplating your ending world let’s take a look at what’s really taking place on the inside, on the inside of your computer of course. The balance is all subconscious. First this virus is looking to duplicate itself. It has to in order for it to commence further. Once it does there’s now more than one so it begins to infiltrate looking for other files to contaminate. Lastly when it locates them it then begins to spread on to other computers. All virus duplicate infiltrate and spread and it holds true regardless if it’s a virus in your computer in your body or in your mind. It’s just how viruses work.

I previously mentioned there’s nothing new here this has been going on for many millennia. Perhaps an admirable example of a mind virus still haunting us today which originated long ago in ancient times would be the battle between good versus evil. It’s imperative that you know the battle between good versus evil is older than time itself. It predates religion furthermore religions have been battling with this, well as long as religions have been in existence. I suppose it furthers why I mention so often “nothing changes but the technology” Anybody who is serious about the study of the trending already knows this. Go as far down the rabbit hole as you care to heck even pop your head out from the other side and still it won’t change your findings. These mind viruses have been haunting humanity since our conception.

Dark Sinister forces have been infecting our minds. The occult has been feeding the masses with false propaganda. Enough time and repetition has actually caused the subconscious to convince the conscious what’s occurring is normal. We now view right as wrong, good as bad, guilty as innocent free thinking as nonconforming. Our beliefs have now become out truths. Truth no longer takes precedence in fact it barely exists. May I remind you of the recent elections held in Europe and the US? I don’t think I have to go any further. You’re seeing it happen right before you’re half opened eyes. I’m only repeating myself when I say this is a dangerous occurrence that’s not going to end well. Until next time.

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