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The Neocons Are Still Running The Show

I now see no other path. One by one they’ve all been eliminated.

Two key events took place around mid-February that has allowed a thick section of the dust to settle. You know that dust I keep mentioning about in several past posts. True to my word it’s one hundred percent surety that once the dust settles, right after begins revealing new pathways that were not previously visible. For those still suffering from an opaque view of who is actually in control of the US nation it’s recently been answered. It’s the neocons. The neocons are still running the show.

The first event occurred when Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned. The second and perhaps grander event is the fact that Trump actually accepted Flynn’s resignation! These two events should provide you with a clue (or two) of who’s still running the show. Neocon, deep state, leftist or shadow Government call it what you will, but the fact remains they still have the gold, they have what’s required and you know the age-old saying ”he who owns the gold makes the rules” which is exactly what we’re witnessing.

Flynn was the anchor man. So what happened!

Within Trump’s cabinet Flynn’s importance represented what could be equated to as the queen in a game of chess. Flynn was the key piece an essential piece on Trump’s chessboard. Flynn stood as the anchorman in Trumps cabinet to rebuild the nation’s foreign policy. His plans included several major changes that would first weaken, then eventually crack the foundation it’s currently resting on, which consists of various alphabet agencies, weapons manufactures and the likes mentioned above.

To push my point a little bit further. One of Flynn’s first priorities was to take back the power from these so-called alphabet agencies and transplant it back to the White House where according to Flynn it belongs. His outlook about Russia is on the more lax side and doesn’t regard them as an imminent threat. His views about Iran differ radically from what most neocons support. Flynn wanted nothing short of replacing a toxic foreign policy, a foreign policy that abuses billions of dollars on an over glorified jobs program called the US military complex.

While Flynn’s no angel and in my opinion would not have been any more capable of making America great again as is Trump, but what I do feel is Flynn would have provided a better more well-rounded foreign policy and the future direction of the US nation would have been all the better for it. But that’s a dead deal because the neocons are still in control.

In addition Flynn’s resignation and the acceptance of it proves a significant set of points. Apparently the US nation is heading down a completely opposite path that they signed up for when voting Trump into power. It’s crucial that you grasp the above sentence before reading further. If you crave for an accurate direction going forward its key for you to understand what’s above the bold print. Once Trump supporters begin to realize they’ve been misled, they’ve been duped, in a few months when it finally settles in that nothing’s going to change, you’ve created that spark at the right moment I keep mentioning in prior posts. The wood is dry and there’s intense friction.  More than enough hot air is being spewed by the MSM’s so the conditions are near perfect. All we’re waiting for is the correct spark and I feel this may be that spark.

For all but the most lame there’s now nothing left to believe in. I’m near certain this scenario will end up traveling down the same path as all others before it. The information’s out there so why will this time be any different? The direction going forward leads to civil violence. There’s now no other path available. Over time one by one they’ve all been erased, there’s no turning back, there’s no other direction we can head towards. The dust has finally settled.

I’m not going to get long-winded about the mockeries, the trials or the color revolutions. To me they represent little more than diversions to occupy your mind and gather the minds of the clueless forming one giant cesspool of garbage. All you need to do is take a look at what they’re protesting about, look at what they’re lobbing for. For the most part none of these diversions produce the least bit of logic and I for one refuse to play their game of dissecting the garbage only to find out later that it still stinks. If it’s garbage walk the other way, you don’t need to know what it’s composed of.

I only require to see where the path is heading. I’ll adjust my course from there if needed. It’s always easier when the impediment is clearly visible. That’s another reason that lends support to why I don’t often get caught crossing and dotting. I’m not concerned about its details or what it’s made of, I just want to steer clear of impacting what lies ahead.

Ask yourself have you ever seen this kind of action from an opposing party? Every attempt to act by the newly elected has been met with vicious retaliation. By Trump accepting Flynn’s resignation, Trump isolated himself and perhaps worse lost all credibility as a leader. What will the world be saying behind closed doors, now that they recognize Trump is not the impressive adversary they first thought? I can guarantee you other superpowers are talking about it. Has Brussels just acquired an additional lap dog in their overpopulated kennel?

By Trump’s action of accepting this resignation, by now if you still can’t comprehend who’s actually running the nation, it’s because you won’t allow yourself to. At this point you’ve allowed your beliefs to become your truths. You just won’t accept reality, you’ve blocked it out. Trump has lost all possible credibility with other world leaders with the other superpowers. His loud dialog has turned to cackle. Now that he’s had his you know what(s) removed, let’s see if he holds his hands up in front of the camera next time the same accusation arises.

Here’s what I see going forward. In just a few weeks those who trusted him will begin jumping ship. He sacrificed his queen, his most powerful piece. Right about now how safe can the rooks and bishops be feeling? Trust me they’ll jump. Soon after that it’s his followers. The simple-minded who find themselves still believing in this archaic system. Once his supporters understand they’ve been lied to most will vanish. Trump rapidly transforms into an island he now stands alone.

The left of course sees this as their golden opportunity and the neocons are more than happy to fund the upcoming escapades. For those of you still gullible enough to believe that a man named Donald Trump would be able to do what’s mathematically impossible, to mend a 20-Trillion Dollar debt and in addition to that perform within a nation that’s completely divided, I just don’t know where your logic derives from.

From the outside looking in its rather obvious. US democracy is nonexistent it’s a put-on a façade. The greater opinion of those residing outside the US, the word in the street is the American People, the millennial, the neocons, the leftists, the democrats, the republicans, the gay rights people, women’s activists along with any other group you can think of is warring. If it doesn’t suite them they no longer honor it. They’re completely divided. A fair example might be the recent election. This past election was many things but democracy wasn’t one of them. He’s not my President! I still remember blogging where this will lead and so far we’re right on course for its destination. That destination is internal violence. It repeats yet again the controlling sources rule against the will of the people. Are we as a people ever going to learn?

Personally I’m not viewing the event as either a victory or defeat type of scenario. At this point it is what it is and in all reality we only have ourselves to blame. I’m sad to say in my opinion this pretty much ends it for Trump. In a few more weeks perhaps months, you’ll really notice the change when former supporters begin abandoning ship.

At one time the events didn’t have to lead down this path, there were others but no longer. We’ve cornered ourselves so blame no one other than ourselves. Make no mistake the events that unfolded mid-month are game changing. There’s little debate on who’s in control of the western nation. I now see no other path other than internal violence. Because of this resignation the ACCEPTED resignation for me the only remaining question  is to what extremes will the violence reach. This is not going to end well. Until next time, this is Barry in DR

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