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Something’s About to Happen

It’s all one big Coriolis effect. Global winds, ocean, currents, the weather along with everything else including war, violence, and change, everything moves freely, their all just cycles. In the end almost everything returns to its source of origination.

Something’s about to happen, so I want to break out of the chute on a crucial point you need to understand and understand hurriedly. But before I do, I want to travel back a bit especially for my long time readers. In excess of five years I’ve been blogging. Over that time span it’s always been my certainty that accuracy is what it’s all about. There’s no value if there’s no accuracy. In other words the amount of articles isn’t nearly as important as the accuracy that’s found within them. Over the same timeline it’s also been my style to present information in the form of using modest analogies that are easy to understand. I do this for a reason. I do this because truth is simple so I follow suit. It’s one unique way of expressing important to understand information in an easy to comprehend fashion, thus it becomes easier to absorb. If you’re being fed some complicated mess, I assure you you’re not consuming truth. A bill slated from congress that contains over 800 pages of legislation will contain many things, however truth is not one of them.

It’s time you do some serious thinking.

For more than five years of posts rich in accuracy, much of what still holds true, revisit my sister site DR Escapes and venture back through the archives. Then you be the judge. The dollar and the metals markets are just two of numerous focuses that turned out to be accurate, but neither represents why I’m calling for your attention now. The target of my urgency has to deal with another area. A critical to comprehend area in which I’ve bull’s eyed with all three of my darts. I’ve warned about the way various important game changing events will unfold and what to expect going forward.

Several readers will remember me mentioning “expect to be seeing a hockey stick uptick in violence”. Well that time quite possibly BEGINS NOW! Within a couple of months my timing on this is near spot on. Once again this topic was posted well in advance to its commencement. Back when Sanders and Trump first announced they’ll be running in the next election, I mentioned the nation was at a serious crossroads.

Because of the vast support achieved by both candidates, soon after it became apparent it wasn’t necessarily the person running for President, it was the citizens have had enough. In fact with such a high volume of support, it was actually revealing the people have reached a critical mass, a feeling of being orphaned by their elected leaders, similar to being left out in the cold. Back then it was mentioned this to should be viewed as an additional major intersection, another major crossroads that will eventually lead to civil unrest.

From unrest may come civil war but that still remains to be seen. Those of you who read my blogs know I don’t play the roll of chicken little very well. No the sky’s not falling, there will always be options, however it’s the lack of action found in most people that’s got me most concerned. As a species we’re very reactive until it becomes to late.

Currently there’s a great divide within the citizens of the west. Given enough time this will first wedge, then sever the nation from within. I followed suit by mentioning should Trump win, the leftists wouldn’t succumb, they won’t support him. What are we all currently witnessing? Exactly that “he’s not my President”. Mark this date when I say the ship just grazed the iceberg. Changing Captains at this point will not prevent it from sinking and similar to the comment made by the head engineer in the movie Titanic “this ship is made from metal. I assure you sir she will sink”. Presently that’s exactly where so many find themselves. Rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship.

So let’s continue. What exactly is this iceberg I’m referring to? The iceberg is a metaphor which represents immigration. Dovetailing this a bit further I’m pinpointing on the current status of the amount of refugees fleeing from their respective countries. I’m not here to pass on my personal comments about this matter as like so many others it’s subjective. What I am saying is the Obama administration over a period of 8 years has let in millions of refugees. So the 3.6 million census number found on most internet sites is way out to lunch, it’s off by several millions. In addition you now have a respectable percentage of your own citizens (this is what occurs when you have a divided nation) who are all in favor of allowing mass numbers of refugees to gain free access through the nation’s borders.

What I am saying is this issue has the makings to become the kindling that first ignites a major portion of the internal violence. In various stages of progression I’ve been alerting about this pending violence over the past four plus years. In other words this may well be the spark that’s required. All revolution or civil conflict necessitates, is just one spark at the precise moment to begin what soon could escalate into a raging inferno.

You’d benefit by understanding I’m not solely referring to the Muslim populations. Once the kindling has been lit all other minorities are just additional logs waiting to join the fire. REMEMBER! It’s the timing of the spark that’s crucial, if the wood is still wet no spark is going to ignite it. This is one of the KEY reasons why most of history’s greatest catastrophes began as incidental internal differences, they began as skirmishes.

A few of many challenging issues we’re currently grappling with include; the time bomb in the derivatives market, an end to the bread and circuses, the Government grant programs, the alarming percentage currently using opiates and the real state of the economy. These along with plentiful others too numerous to be mentioning in a single post and you have one huge iceberg lying just dead ahead on a foggy night. I can assure before it’s over the same iceberg will sink several ships. In a navy that hosts several ships the one christened the “USS America” still represents but one. By the time this is over several ships will be resting on the bottom.

I want to provide you with some additional key symbols that helped illuminate my path towards writing this post. When opposing opinions in a so-called democratic nation begin to brutalize not only the opposing candidate, but their supporters as well, what you’re really witnessing is the preparation of some level of civil conflict. When the opposition is portrayed as subhuman in their beliefs, ethics, integrity or aptitude, which is exactly what we’re currently witnessing, honorable coherent methods are no longer viewed as viable. You’ll have to defeat them by using violence. Basically this spreads mistrust from within the nation. Over time it develops into a lack of trust. This lack of trust then divides, it metastasizes into two separate groups. It festers like a cancer. There begins to be a lack of trust from citizen to citizen and from the citizens towards their Government. What once were viewed as brothers and sisters, has now converted to form a group of dangerous psychopaths, that have to be stopped at all costs and history all to often documents those costs to be excessive.

The MSM’s have left most people clueless. Those of us who’ve tried, now know there’s little point in trying to open a closed mind. We’re all tired of losing friends and  family and especially of the arguing. Our current duality way of thinking has caused our beliefs to become our truths. Today fact and logic count for little. Someone once said “the glue of reason is flaking” and at this stage of the game I’d have to agree. We’ve been divided so thinly you can see through the slices. The MS of the media world have been ping ponging us back and forth for so long, most have become dazed. People don’t know which way is up anymore. With the one exception, the Revolutionary War, I don’t believe the west has ever been further divided, and let’s not even talk about Europe as that’s an egg crate heading off a waterfall.

Just to be crystal clear on what I’m stressing. These kinds of divides first develop into animosity. If left unrecognized in the abyss it will eventually progress into hatred. It’s us against them, you’re with us or against us, its black or it’s white, virtually all shades of grey go right out the window. When you’re already fighting each other it generally leads to three destinations rebellion, revolution or full-out civil war. Once the skills of communication are no longer functioning, progressing from that point forward becomes a dangerous situation that will not end well. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Feb 15, 2017, 5:23 pm

    Barry you’re right about being at the point of no return. However the cleansing of the United States has to be done. This system is not sustainable and must be overhauled (using another mechanical analogy). Another way to put it is the concept of karma. America has accumulated so much negative karma debt that it has to be repaid one way or another to get back to balance. I could go on for 100 pages what damage the United States has done to the world (the US is not alone). From ravaging the Phillipines at the start of the 20th century to Woodrow Wilson’s entry into World War 1 to massacring hundreds of thousands in the atomic bomb drop on Japan to slaughter in the Korean and Vietnam War to the millions killed recently by the US in Iraq, Libya and Syria the US nation as a whole is responsible for this. There’s a saying that the people get the leaders that they deserve and people’s ignorance is no excuse for what their leaders do so the nation as a whole has a lot of shit to account for. We will see what the the Soviet Union went through in the 1990’s come home in spades.

    The only way to avoid this above bleak scenario is if the whole population, after seeing Trump fail or is prevented by the deep state to deliver on his promises, rise up, left and right, to create a new system. This would entail the supporters of Bernie Sanders and the supporters of Donald Trump having a Jesus moment and to stop fighting each other. Short of this the US has no way out except at the least continuous civil disturbances and at the most open civil war.

    • Barry Feb 15, 2017, 5:41 pm

      I hope so but which of the many books shall I pray from? Slipped my mind for a moment but even that’s turned into a with us or against us mentality. If you don’t believe mine YOUR WRONG! Sorry it’s way beyond WAY BEYOND Bernie and Donald. It must crash from the inside. To what degree no one knows but never the less is way past the stage of merging. The shadows lurking in the dark won’t allow that to happen. When the media is controlled that in itself represents a major problem. I hope I’m wrong but highly doubt it.

  • Gary Feb 14, 2017, 7:39 pm

    I’ve never seen such hatred and disrespect for the “other” as you see now in the US. Both Trump and Clinton/Obama forces will not see the other side as legitimate and denigrate each other on a daily basis. So the country is really split in two camps. I see this happening among friends and between family members. Family members I know post opinions negative about Clinton in Facebook for example and the responses are truly vitriolic and lack any cohesive arguments and only accusations of traitor, fascist, racist, etc. And the funny thing is that neither Trump nor Clinton deserve any loyalty from anybody. Clinton is the most corrupt person and warmonger in the world and Trump is a thin-skinned narcissist. It’s not worth five seconds to have the country in turmoil for such low lifes. One side calls the other deplorables, red necks and racist while the other side calls them snowflakes and libtards. And shockingly there’s no one or force that is calling nationally for understanding each other and for talking out our differences and how to come to a consensus. I remember in the heyday of the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam and riots in the ’60’s there were national leaders like Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy who attempted to create a large tent for people to come together in unity. I remember during the Rodney King riots in early 1992 there were actors and religious people imploring the youth not to go into the streets to try to calm down the situation. But now you see no such individuals doing any such kind of reconciliation. Zilch!

    As you stated you’re going to have at a minimum civil unrest and at a maximum violence a la civil war and then martial law. Barry this is not going to end well.

    • Barry Feb 14, 2017, 11:34 pm

      All that remains is the right spark to occur and what will be the fuel source. As an engine guy I understand when you have the correct elements you will create a forceful explosion. There’s fear in the (AIR). More than enough pressure (compression) that’s currently being felt all throughout the world so all that’s really missing is the spark (skirmish) and fuel source which I personally will revert back to history for my answer. AGAIN IT WILL BE THE LEFTISTS!!! Almost all past major civil conflicts were started by the leftist. Dovetailing it a bit further leftists that fall into the age bracket of what today’s millennial age group just happens to be.

      In the blog the spark that I mention of course is metaphorically speaking. Although at some point in the future and when looking back at the events that took place I have a strong notion the subject of the refugee’s might be looked back upon as the initial flash, the spark which first ignited a lengthy series of violent conflicts. Really it is possible the next civil war is not so far down the road. What Europe is bearing witness to is nothing compared to what lies ahead for both America and the bandwagon nation of them all Canada. When you have women’s rights groups arguing in favor allowing this to continue even increase really what more needs to be said. If Dr. Spock was alive today I’d swear he’d be in a rubber room. NOTHING that’s currently happening has the slightest bit of LOGIC! REMEMBER I’m only viewing this as a possible flashpoint! This is possibly the remaining elements required, the spark and the fuel needed to create the initial explosion. The real bloodshed I do not see occurring for several years yet. But make no mistake about it we’ve reached the point of NO RETURN. All that remains is what will it be that creates that fatal spark.

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