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Be Your Own Leader

Most of what we believe is subjective. Depending on the angle it’s being viewed from our beliefs can take on several different appearances.

Over a time span that’s nearing three decades, I’ve donated a fair amount of my time towards researching the trends. One of my most treasured lessons origonates from understanding that knowledge and wisdom are two different attributes.  Actually they are compleatly different attributes. What people believe by the millions would be labeled insanity if done by the few. The two most prominent subjects that come to mind are politics and organized religion. A good example which describes the difference between these attributes follows.

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.”

It’s all a divide to keep the herds at controllable numbers. Currently it’s working same as it has for thousands of years. All that’s changed is the technology.

I find it amazing how easily people by the masses can be swayed. The many can be certain of something, irrespective of its logic or fact. However if the same thing is believed by the individual, instantly they’re labeled as being absurd and begin paying the price for their originality.

Want a better world? Then begin to recognize the main strategy being used against us is divide. What better example can be found than Time Magazine‘s man of the year Donald Trump “President of the Divided States of America” as its subheading. Like I say if it’s not politics it’s organized religion. The topic matters little the effect well that’s a whole other story.

I often use the saying ego is the biggest three letter word in the dictionary. The egos of today are stuck in duality. It’s us against them, love verses hate, with us or against us. Today’s world adopted an “us versus them” mentality. But still there’s something that goes unnoticed lost in the vortex. The “us or them” are really nothing more than me, myself or I. Why research something when no matter what unfolds it still won’t change your mind? We’ve chosen a path of black or white in a world that radiates varying shades of grey. Perhaps this is why for millennia the beings inhabiting this planet remain stuck in the abyss, still looking for leaders instead of learning to lead ourselves.

Why search for truth when belief is all that’s required to keep feeding today’s insatiable ego?  In a world of ‘fake news” what is real? Belief is another way of expressing doubt. You believe it to be true but lacking surety of it. One can believe anything is true in their own mind and they’d never be wrong. Volume does not distinguish truth from fantasy. Today’s ego offers little room left for actual truth. Be your own leader or continue being someone else’s slave. That’s truth! Truth is rarely complex. In fact if it’s complex rarely is it true.

Not long ago I received an email from one of my readers. I wish I were able to give the author just credit, but when asking where it came from, the sender didn’t remember other than saying when I read it your name promptly came to mind.  This goes out to whomever strung these words into sentences of perfection.

Americans have a profound sense of what Hegel called “Negative identity.” A society with a negative identity defines Itself not by what it is but by what it is not, and is always on the lookout for new and fashionable enemies from which to differentiate themselves in superficial ways. Sigmund Freud got at the same thing with his “doctrine of small differences.” It is much easier to hate that which you closely resemble, focusing on minor differences and projecting everything you dislike about yourself onto the other, than to find reasons to hate that which is entirely unfamiliar. A negative identity can be psychologically fortifying and justify murder, invasions and even genocide. But while a society built on a negative identity may be willing to die fighting a made-up enemy, it can’t find anything worth living for.” Author Unknown.

The only thing I might want to add to the above brilliance is the fact that it is contagious. It’s no longer limited solely to Americans. This reality has spread throughout the world and for that we have our own egos to thank. On a parting shot one last question I want to bring to your attention. While in the past I’ve been suspect of playing word games in this case I’m not. It’s not a loaded question or a play on words. Here’s the question. What do all differences have in common?

Use whatever subject you want. Politics, religion, gay rights even war or poverty all of these along with all others share this one common thread. Any guess as to what it is? They only matter if you’re alive!  A corpse doesn’t care. A corpse doesn’t care if your white or black, gay or straight, American or other, a corpse is just a corpse. So while you’re alive perhaps you should rethink your rigidity. Sell a bit of knowledge and purchase some bewilderment. Most of what we think we know is subjective at best. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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