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The Importance of Holding More Than One Passport

Your passport is your ticket to venture out and seek whatever it is that you’re after. You second passport may just end up being your boarding pass to that destination.

I’ve long understood the importance of holding more than one passport. In fact its significance can be lifesaving. Furthermore I also understand the added security gained by having assets in more than one nation. What I still find puzzling though is why so few grasp the importance of both. I deem them both necessities.

I wanted to link an excellent piece written by Jeff Thomas. In his post “The Future of Passports and Citizenship by Investment” Jeff touches on several key points worthy of one’s considerations. Living offshore for decades I can witness the changes that have been made where I reside. In a little town called Cabrera located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

This year convert dreams into realities. Seek your desires.

I can vouch for Jeff’s accuracy when he mentions developing nations are already competing for a possible infusion of expats along with their cash. I can also attest to the fact that many foreign countries understand the importance of drawing expats to their shores. It creates jobs! The labor sector, small business, trades people all benefit because of expat populations.

When compared to what similar services would cost back in their home nation it makes sense to hire it out. It Creates Jobs! In spite of what you may have heard there are good services to be found in most developing nations. In fact I found that to hold true for all of the Caribbean and South America. You may have to travel a bit to find the quality that you’re seeking but the quality can be found. Sometimes it’s the actual hunt for the item that turns out to be the most rewarding experience of all.

In a future post I’ll touch base on a few additional considerations one might want to ponder before jumping into their new horizon. While the views can be beautiful (Buena Vista) there are several concerns one should address. In the meantime link onto Jeff’s post for a good read. Those of you who’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time can attest I agree with Jeff when he mentions the different directions that passports will be taking. Both are still a reduction of personal freedom only coming towards us from different angles. Another way of putting it could be choosing the lesser of two evils.

Whenever I find noteworthy posts I do my best to link my readers to them. There is a lot of misleading out there so when I find something I have personally experienced as being accurate I link it. It’s my readers who get to see it shortly after. This post from Jeff Thomas is a real piece of journalism worthy of everyone’s attention. Have a blessed New Year. Make 2017 the year that your thoughts become realities. Time is your most precious commodity so remember that. Use it wisely. Until next time.

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