Understanding today’s trends, yields a better tomorrow!

Anyone other than the most cubed minded should be able to see that hunting down and eliminating cash is nothing more than a re-enactment of a Marxist Theory. While the bought and paid for pressitudes of the main stream media continue to push mockeries, facades that cash is the tool of drug dealers and terrorists. [...]

Many of our subscribers have been asking how is it that you seem to have different properties than the others. Most other sites we check out seem to have the same properties. The only thing that varies is the pricing. I have to admit it’s a good question and by viewing this short video you’ll [...]

Many subscribers may recall an interview I did about a year ago with a great couple from Canada Rob and Michelle. About a year prior I met them on one of our excursion tours. Even though they’ve been to the country nine previous times never ventured into our neck of the woods. While very impressed [...]

Hey guys Barry in DR. As requested I’d promise to keep you in the know whenever I find an exceptional value on a property. This property sits on 1.58 acres of gently sloped usable land. The deck supports a reasonable ocean view and the surrounding foliage is exceptional. Ideal for the person who likes quiet [...]

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