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Post Election What Lies Ahead

Dreams do come true. At least we can hope so. Right!

Dreams do come true. At least we can hope so. Right!

Before releasing a post pertaining to any recently occurring major event I’ve always elected to sit tight and wait for a few days. I initially prefer to chill and observe various reactions from the sidelines. During that chill time, a couple of areas I pay exceptionally close attention to, are the citizens and the markets. How’s the citizenry reacting to what’s recently occurred and how are the markets responding to it. After that I can proceed with a much greater sense of accuracy.

I’ve always felt what good is it being the first horse out of the chute if you’re running on the wrong track? The first few headlines released about any major event, will often end up being furthest from the truth once the dust has settled. I guess I just don’t like working in dusty environments, so I give things time to settle.

Remember Mr. Hope and Change. How did that work out.

Remember Mr. Hope and Change. How did that work out.

There’s a reason why I choose to do this. In all major occurrences there’s such a thing similar to a rubber band effect that occurs promptly after the incident. Quite often what happens is that the initial shock is massive, but soon after, much of it settles back to near origination. I suppose it’s similar to a rubber band that snaps when being stretched. At first the reaction is violent, but soon after it’s near its original state.

When any major event unfolds, the initial reaction is usually the most volatile. Depending on what has occurred, the time length of this volatility will vary, but soon enough it will settle into its new norm, but it takes a bit of time. It’s that bit of time, time for things to settle back to what will be the new norm. Time is actually why early on, you’ll usually find me hanging out somewhere near the sidelines. You need to give any major situation time to settle. If not you won’t be very accurate with your findings.

Before continuing there’s one additional point worth mentioning. When the initial volatility is near its end, you’ll be at what I like to term as a “base”. It’s while you’re positioned on one of these bases that the view is the clearest, but as I previously mentioned this does take a little time to form. It’s at these bases, these foundations when new patterns emerge and greater accuracy in future unfolding’s can be achieved.

In general it’s not a good practice to overreact on anything. Whenever we find ourselves in that position more often than not we’ve made the wrong assumption. Look back at some past instances when you’ve overreacted. Quite often you’ll find out it wasn’t what your first instinct thought it was.

Here are a couple of lessons recently discovered by waiting on the sidelines and allowing the dust to settle. I’ll begin with the WikiLeaks release proving it was the democrats who were behind the entire façade accusing the Russians of hacking the election. That’s right it was the democrats who did it. Those who have to deal with it deal with it. Chock up one more dodged bullet on starting WW3, but don’t worry there’s still NATO.

Adding onto the previous, it was the same party who assisted in elevating at least four rival candidates, by insuring the MSM would make them appear as qualified adversaries to the Clinton campaign. Their names are Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders and last but certainly not least Donald Trump. As the email states their plan was to artificially build three of these candidates up using controlled medias, then at a particular point during the campaign switch paths and take them down. As for Sanders and I quote “had to be ground down to the pulp”. What more needs to be said? Speaks volumes about the current level of democracy left in not only the US but most nations. However for me there’s still one important line of thought that remains unanswered.   

That line of thought is: At this late stage in the game, how can any rational free thinking human being still believe America has a democratic system of Government? Another branch stemming from the same tree is how can any free thinking person still wonder if America is in fact a democratic nation? Can you honestly say from the dismal show you’ve just sat through America is still a democratic nation. This past election was nothing more than a series of orchestrated public events that would make any developing “banana republic” nation cringe of jealously. I know because I live in one and we could have taken lessons from what the world recently witnessed within this past election.

The entire election has been nothing more than witnessing the serfs receiving their four year vaccine. A dose that’s required once every four years to maintain the illusion of choice. Just fools blindly complying with the state reconfirming their slavery. This is a lot for most to accept and I understand that. But I also understand you’ll never get anyone to understand anything when their pay check is earned by not understanding. So I don’t see the current situation changing anytime soon. Let’s face reality. The nation is currently divided in so many ways somethings got to give.

If you think I’m wrong try questioning any TSA agent, cop, marine in fact almost any member of an alphabet agency with the above statement.  Mention to them that America is not a democratic nation and is populated by a serf mentality. See what kind of responses you’ll be receiving. What you first must understand is they feed their families by Not Understanding!  By not understanding what I’ve just stated above. So here’s what tends to happen. For the vast majority the illusion of choice continues while they endure trading inner peace for a paycheck. Currently that’s how most people choose to live their life, trading time and inner peace for a paycheck, for money.

An additional bit of knowledge acquired by waiting a bit is the fact that the publics belief in main stream Medias is failing fast. Actually faster than I first though. If all the bought and paid for one sided publicity failed it gave me a valuable insight! While the mainstream just about guaranteed a Clinton victory it was the alternative Media who stood the test of accuracy. Throughout the election process the Alt. Press had Trump favored at the polls. Never before has the main stream had a lower public opinion of printing honest unbiased journalism. Currently they’re being viewed as a source of distraction from logic. A source of false propagandas promoted to create confusion steering clear of anything resembling truth. That my reader’s is a good thing!

This added message comes at a crucial time in the nation’s history and should be more than just a welcome, it should be deeply appreciated. Perhaps that dim light at the end of the tunnel isn’t fully exhausted. On a wide eyed view perhaps the tunnel all along was the illusion and the light was always there? Finally some of the darker issues we currently face are finding their way to the public. Like I said that is a GOOD THING!

Thanks to folks like Julian Assange, any free thinking person can now obtain factual information that previously was considered conspiracy. Stories of human trafficking, pedophilia and satanic worship are no longer theories. Thanks to people like Assange they’re now facts. They’ve transformed into facts for all open minded free thinking individuals to engross. That is if you choose to.

I fear however the release of more than 250,000 incriminating emails will be too much for most westerners to handle. All across the nation a grand scale normalcy bias sets in lending a false sense of everything is going to be alright. But those who are open minded know better. Ever notice those who don’t believe in conspiracy usually believe in coincidence.

The US still has the greater percentage of its citizens refusing to comprehend what Government is and what it actually does. Most remain unaware of where the word Government originated from or what it even means. Perhaps it’s part of the reason so many currently choose to remain motionless accepting what is provided. Most are not ready to see that it’s the same Government who first creates the problem then provides the self-serving solution to the self-created problem.

I have to admit I’m amazed how many still believe by electing a new president everything’s going to change. Closed minded fools still waiting for some newly elected master to lead them. A so called white knight whose pre-election promises never seem to materialize. So how many centuries has this same play been acted out? Ten, twenty and still no real change has occurred? Of course I’m not solely referring to the US in the previous sentence but let’s be honest forever seems accurate.

Perhaps the best kept secret of all still remains out of the public eye. Ask yourself how is it possible that no one’s been incarcerated? Incarcerated for any wrongdoing. Of course I’m referring to heads of Government. For folks like us it seems to happen all the time. Us, you know the serfs who think we’re free. Sure its unfair but should a serf expect anything more? Think about that next time you’re paying your taxes on what you think you own.

Just because of this past election don’t be expecting to see big changes when it comes to corruption in Government. If you do you’ll only be fooling yourself. The greed will remain the same possibly greater. It has to in order for the system to stay intact. Don’t be looking for changes in the weapons Governments use against their citizens you’ll be disappointed. They’ve been the same for centuries. Why change something that works so well? Expect no changes in that department either. Chaos and violence remain the major tools Governments use to get what they want from their citizenry and the results of this past election won’t be changing that either.

For centuries the Government weapons of choice have been chaos and violence. Successfully to this day they continue to use them against our primordial fears. Government has a keen understanding that most will do anything to keep from being victims of either chaos or violence. Most citizens will just pay the amount required for their deception of wellbeing to be kept intact. So the beat goes on. Stop looking for a leader and start becoming one. Start leading yourself!

What we’re currently witnessing will continue for the next while. It will continue BUT only to a point and that’s where I’ll continue with my next post. I’ll go into greater depth about what time you can expect the postelection chaos to really begin. It’s not quite ripe yet. For now I see nothing more than postelection skirmishes. The kind associated with the aftershock volatility mentioned earlier, but like anyone I can always be wrong. When the time arrives when the real violence commences it’s at that moment most will begin to understand all along the real enemy has been ourselves. We’ve always been fighting ourselves! Hell of a steep price to pay for closemindedness. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Nov 27, 2016, 8:43 pm

    I must admit that after being ecstatic on Trump’s victory a certain soberness and a feeling of reality has set in. I wouldn’t call it depression but more of a sense that nothing really has changed and a white knight on a horse is not going to save us. Except in foreign affairs (which I think the president has more of a say), I’m not sure that the president really has all that much power. There’s a thing called the deep state or permanent state that perceptive writers have been talking about for many decades. Can Trump, assuming that he will do what he says, take on this deep state and end it. I have serious doubts. Although this election really exposed the fakeness of the main stream media and a lot of people became aware, there’s still enough zombies out there who voted for the most wicked woman and politician I can remember. This does not bode well for the future. To see almost half of the voting population knowingly vote for a person that is a psychopath and who has killed hundreds of thousands of people in the middle east does not give me confidence that the people have awoken enough or that there’s a critical mass of people who care that their leaders kill with impunity.

    I will continue to follow ancient wisdom; hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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