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We’re entering a period of excessive uncertainty

What to expect going forward. What about the violence

What to expect going forward. What about the violence

Continuing on from my previous post, I was actually kind of surprised at the amount of emails received from folks expressing their views on where the west is headed when it comes to violence. I’m pleased there’s such an interest. Let’s begin with something I’m sure we’ll all agree on. We’re entering a period of excessive uncertainty. As a planet we’re facing a vast vagueness that is increasingly more difficult to navigate. So what does a Trump victory mean for violence?

So this is what the modern democrat looks like. Then what ever happen to democracy. It's a new found freedom of choice but only as long as I win.

So this is what the modern democrat looks like. Then what ever happen to democracy. It’s a new found freedom of choice but only as long as I win.

Will the Trump win lead to a sharp change of direction the US is currently headed towards? After chilling on the sidelines while letting the dust settle gathering some information my answer is NO. After examining the facts I’d have to say highly unlikely. To begin review his choices for possible cabinet members, pretty quick you’ll start seeing some familiar names. I’ll link it HERE. I’m not implying that any of these same names will be selected but when I hear names such as Cruz, Giuliani, and Gingrich start surfacing, I’m already satisfied I’ve already seen enough. For me it’s little more than the same neocons from before. Just follow the money.

Nothing new here move onto the next subject up for consideration. If not you’ll be wasting a lot of time crossing T’s and dotting I’s eventually coming up to what’s just been written in the prior sentence. The young democrats better said the young socialists want free handouts. They want additional Government contributions so the entitlement generation can continue to sit within their college safe spaces and cuddle their new government provided pets. Of course these pets were also provided free of charge by the opposition to the Grand Old Party the GOP. Make no mistake socialists don’t want a productive well-rounded nation they want free stuff!

Just so that there’s no misunderstanding I’m glad Trump won. I’ve mentioned often enough that the single most dangerous issue we’re all currently facing is a toxic foreign policy. Because of that one fact alone I’m glad he was victorious. Trump brings to the table a much calmer demeanor. The same could be said when it comes to Trump initially meeting with the worlds superpowers. Because of it I genuinely believe at least for the interim we’re all safer for it.

Over the next while expect to see foreign relations cool off a bit.  In regards to the nation’s foreign policy and its present day conditions, I can say this much. If something major bad were to occur either now or shortly after the inauguration, very likely it was introduced and brought in from the outside sources. It was not initiated by either Trump or his cabinet. Bookmark that statement for later.  Let us also hope the newly elected President is in fact capable enough to redirect NATO’s efforts in the same direction as he did with Russia.

Let’s shift track momentarily and ask ourselves. Can you even begin to imagine what would have occurred of “Ole Gunnery Clinton” were to be elected. Thanks to people like Assange, the endless corruption and scandals have finally been exposed. Now the public no longer has any excuse for their ignorance. But what feared me the most of a Clinton win is what appears to be a never ending list of foreign catastrophes. The list is long but it’s Syria that I want to draw to your attention.   Reflect on Syria for a moment in particular I’m referring to “the line in the sand” that’s recently been stenciled. Do you think for a moment that the Russians would let the US just shoot down their planes for crossing some self-created no fly zone?

Should the democrats have won the election this would amount to a clear cut straight path to war. For reasons outside the scope of this post all I can say is of this I have no doubt. If Clinton won we would soon find ourselves in a serious war. But not before it had already started. Very few would even know until the “rockets’ red glare” was already well under way.

Many seem to forget there are two types of violence. There’s foreign violence and there’s domestic violence. For the past eight years the citizens of the west have seen both types escalate on a sharp upward spiral. I’ve given you my thoughts on where Trump’s victory might lead the US with its foreign relations but time will ultimately be the world’s professor. Be reminded the man doesn’t get inaugurated till January 20th 2017. So in all fairness what can be accurately said at this point in time? Consider this interval another one of those let the dust settle moments. We’ll all receive a clearer picture in the not too distant future.

One last thought on foreign relations before switching overseas to the domestic version. Trump lover or Trump hater both sides will agree on at least one topic. Trump has an insatiable ego. I’m not bringing this up as necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s controllable during delicate situations. Being a business man and being President of a superpower nation are two different attributes. If Trump’s ego happens to get the best of him if he starts viewing the US as just another one of his many corporations, that can be a very dangerous situation. Just another point to consider as it’s still way too early in the race. At the time of writing this post they’re currently loading the horses into their proposed chutes. The starting gate doesn’t rise till January 20th so enjoy the view from you’re newly found plateau. By taking the time and doing so you’ll gain a clearer perspective of what lies ahead. You won’t shift directions like so many other pinballs out there.

Domestically let’s take a look at what I see going forward for the US. First point I’d like to make  is there’s an obvious or what should be obvious trend to create a socialist revolt in the US. Soon after the initial shock of losing the election begins to wear (as of now is hasn’t) the socialist (democrats) already have their devious methods of continuing the great divide of the western nation. Currently the epoxy required to hold their plan together is drying. It’s gaining strength. Be forewarned the hardener being used in this epoxy is none other than George Soros.

How many times in prior posts have I mentioned never forget that name? Instead of acting on what might be best for a volatile nation which would be to come together what you’re witnessing is it being torn further apart. A nation divided not only politically but by every conceivable method possible. With a Trump victory will the western nations actually revert back together accept change and begin moving forward together as one nation, “One nation under God”. I strongly have my doubts. We’re currently witnessing nothing other than an uprising consisting mainly of younger socialist (democrats) demanding their Government free stuff?

Make no mistake this is an organized rebellion orchestrated by many of the same names backing the Clinton campaign. In fact almost 60% of the anti-Trump protesters had been bused in from other areas. In other words they were hired paid protesters. Protesters holding up He’s Not My President posters which is the mirror opposite of what a true democracy is. Substantial amounts of hard evidence prove many of these protesters are being paid. In fact they’re paid up to fifteen dollars per hour. Remember wherever you see the name Clinton the name Soros won’t be far behind.

Seems that some of Soros’s organizations have been funding a hefty part of what up until now remains a series of small skirmishes. You’ll find ads for hire on Craig’s List and other leading E-based sites. Help wanted ads looking for “motivated, energetic, environmentally and politically-minded individuals to fill open positions with our full and part time field organizing teams”. In simpler terminology they’re looking for protesters willing to initiate violence, head crackers! If left unchecked this has the capability of becoming a very dangerous situation which in my opinion can escalate and become a major civil unrest.

As times get leaner the people get meaner. If that old saying holds true the US may nose dive into a major civil war! Remember nothing’s really changed yet. The Government’s free stuff programs are still operating at near full throttle. But what happens when the throttle is cut back? What happens then?

In spite of what many are beginning to believe Trump is just another human being. He’s made up of the same skin and bone as the rest of us. As such he’s unable to change anything that will “Make America Great Again” without first cutting back on the expense throttle. It’s what happens then that you should be concerned about. Be very concerned about that time frame.

For the present and immediate future I see nothing more than skirmishes between the divided groups. I’m not expecting numbers to commonly exceed the 150,000 – 200,000 count for a good while longer. Remember in a nation hosting over 335 Million people the numbers above would only amount to a modest skirmish a riot at most. Should this develop into a full scale civil war expect amounts to be in the tens of Millions!  If this were to occur you’d be well served by already having your plan B exit strategy in place ready for immediate use.

Remember Ancient Rome with its bread and circuses. The western nation is currently living in a modern day version of the same. I suppose today’s version might be called something like I-phone’s and safe spaces but never the less still amounts to the same thing. There is a current day attempt to create a socialist revolution led mainly by the brainwashed youth of the western nation.

After suffering what was sure to be a victory Obama, Clinton, Soros and a host of alphabet corporations currently seem content sitting on the sidelines. They understand as I do. Sometimes you just have to take in the view from the plateau. Short while later new pathways always come into view. Just be sure you don’t choose one that leads to a Dead End. I assure you the above-mentioned names won’t be. This is starting to take on the appearance of being a start of something rather than an end to something.

Perhaps this has a lot to do with why I’ve been an expat for so long. We’ve been living in the country side of the Dominican Republic and it suites my family fine. There’s plenty of fresh food and fresh water. Simpler lifestyle and the gauges are still running in the middle of their green zone. The temp I’m measuring is the citizens. They’re still running cool and in the green. Have a good look around. Can you say the same about yours? Kennedy once said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”. Until next time this is Barry in DR.


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  • Gary Nov 27, 2016, 8:17 pm

    Hi Barry,
    Your thoughts coincide with mine. Although I was impressed with Trump’s attacks on the main stream media and the financial oligarchy and his desire to bring back jobs, the real reason for my enthusiasm for him was his unwavering comments all during the campaign for peace with Russia and the ending of regime change in the middle east. He really refused to be Russia bated and never compromised in the face of Clinton’s psychotic inventions of Russian interference into the election process. Trump didn’t have to do that and he could have out insulted Russia more than even Clinton would have, but he didn’t. If he really means what he says Trump will bring a very welcoming pause in hostility with not only Russia but also in Syria. We may have saved human civilization a respite by depriving Hillary of her power. But we need to be vigilant. The election still was too close for comfort.

    On the domestic front I also agree with you, Barry. The situation in the US has not changed at all with the system being unreformable. It has to be demolished but at the point of the dismantling of this financial and economic system is where the danger lies. Maybe Trump can bring some jobs back to the US but I’m convinced that it will be too little too late. George Soros, through his minions like the Clintons, will be ready to take full advantage of the disruption and cause massive riots and upheavals. Believe it or not the color revolutions that Soros created in Serbia, Georgia and Ukraine and unsuccessfully tried in Iran, Russia and Kirgizia is coming to the US with the color of purple. This is the color that Bill and Hillary Clinton wore at a party right after her defeat.

    Anyways as individuals we shouldn’t depend on other people like Trump to take care of us. We have to be our own source of wisdom and resources and take matters into our own hands. For many of us this is our Plan B which is moving to another place which will be more peaceful and sustainable like Cabrera in the Dominican Republic.

  • Kaythefarmer Nov 24, 2016, 11:44 am

    so Barry, is it your believe that the citizens of a democracy SHOULDNT have a say in how their representative government allocates tax revenue? That the citizens SHOULDNT have any input in how discretionary budgets are formed/dispensed?

    • Barry Nov 26, 2016, 3:22 pm

      Thanks for your comment. What I’m implying is about 180 degrees opposite of your comment. First what is a democracy? In a democracy (Democratic country) all citizens get to have their say. It’s called voting. You get your say by casting your vote, your personal choice for the categories mentioned above along with any other aspect that requires the entire nation to have a say. You get your say by voting for who you think will adhere to your preferences the best. Part of being a citizen in a democratic country involves more that just having your say. The flip side of the coin of democracy is as follows. When your candidate, sports team, union etc. did not win or was not elected you accept it. That’s right you lose but still agree to live with the rules. The rules of what makes a true democracy. But here’s what you don’t do. Just because you candidate lost you don’t start holding up “he’s not my president signs”. You don’t physically assault voters from the opposition. This is exactly whats occurring and is the mirror opposite of what living in a democratic nation is all about. Democracy is not we’re a free nation but only if my guy wins or we have freedom of religion as log as its my religion. That is clear cut sign of a seriously divided nation. A broken nation along with a broken system. A system that no longer functions because it’s citizens have bought into the bad information they’ve been fed. This isn’t anything new it goes back centuries. Final thought to consider. If you never encounter anything in you nation that offends you, you’re not living in a free nation. Think about it and thanks again for the comment.


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