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How Will You Use Your Time?

How will you use your time? I'd suggest you start thinking about damage control and a solid plan B.

How will you use your time? Will you invest it or waste it?  I’d suggest you start thinking about damage control and a solid plan B.

On behalf of a Trump victory knowingly or not, we’ve extended ourselves a bit more time to prepare for the inevitable changes lurking towards the future. Since Trump’s win I believe as a planet we’ve all inherited a bit more breathing space. Cooler heads should prevail among the world’s superpowers. Make no mistake consider this development a gift and because of this gift a new question arises. The question is how will you use your time? Several trending web sites are starting to agree. They too are feeling a sigh of relief. But the question still remains. How will you use your time?

The vast percent of human beings are reactive by nature. It’s almost as if it’s in our DNA, in our makeup. Bearing that point in mind I’m confident many will interpret this gift of time as everything’s back to the norm. Many will adopt a “dodged that bullet” attitude. Actually delayed that bullet would be more accurate. But in a sense they’d be right in their assumption. They’d be correct in their assumptions from a foreign aspect. What about the other side of the coin? What about the domestic side?

Time is perhaps our greatest gift of all. Shame so many choose to waste it.

Time is perhaps our greatest gift of all. Shame so many choose to waste it.

As a nation the US has taken a step in the right direction. By electing Trump the US is headed towards a foreign cooling down period. The gestures exhibited by Trump shows a willingness to relax outdated foreign policies, toxic foreign policies. Over the past few decades a lot of conditions have changed. The US is no longer capable of being the world’s police. I say this regarding both frontages the financial and the military.

Trump’s leaning towards a meeting of the minds approach with the superpower nations and because of this we’ve all been given the gift of added time. USE IT WISELY! Hopefully the saber rattling previously introduced by the US will begin to calm down. At least it should with foreign relations, however I ask one more time. What about the domestic side?

I want to clarify on a couple of major points that need to be crystal clear. Make no mistake about it, the US is headed toward major domestic violence even a full scale civil war. My second point it’s being orchestrated on purpose. You really need to grasp this or you’re basing your future safeguards on bad information.

Is it me or has anyone else noticed the post election headlines have taken a sharp departure from where they were a few weeks prior? Just as if a wave washed over it, the line in the sand has all but vanished. Gone from the front pages of every MSM media and is currently found buried lower left page somewhere next to the daily obituaries. But rest assured it will return it already has. The opposing side also understands sometimes you just have to let the dust settle before rekindling the same flame.

As expected the Clinton camp already reopened the folly “it was the Russians” who somehow tilted the election in favor of Trump. The democrats understand there’s still a sizable percentage of “Rocky” minded individuals out there. People who still think we’re living back in the 80’s and the opposition cannot let those numbers go to waste.

At the root it’s all about dividing a nation while drowning its citizens in a sea of bad information. Thanks to the ever growing power of the alternative media, it became apparent the democrats were funding the entire smear campaign. So what happens next? Three simple steps shift, alt. delete and it’s gone for now only to return at a later date.

The false propaganda of Russia’s involvement in rigging the US election somehow vaporized for a short while but is already beginning to resurface. I expect it to reappear on a stronger scale after January 20th 2017. No longer to be used as a means for changing the election. No this time it’s use will serve as a wedge. A wedge widening the gap on an already divided nation. The bought and paid for MSM will play a big role in reshaping the western nation and if you’re not already on board with this once again you’re basing your decision on bad information.

I was recently asked what good may occur out of a Trump victory. Those of you reading my posts already know what my first answer would be. You would know it has to do with the toxic foreign policies currently held by the western nation. This has to change or we’re all sliding down a slippery slope that ends in war.

It’s my second point that might come as a bit of a surprise. I’m ecstatic about the tremendous shot of adrenalin the alternative media received because of this election. An election dubbed by the MSM as impossible for Trump to have won. The MSM media has lost all respect pertaining to its accuracy and perhaps for the first time has opened some of the sternest closed minded folks to a new age of information sharing. This is a good thing people but as with all things it too is double edged.

The benefits of calming tense foreign relations and opening the closed minds of a nation are both positive so what’s the other side of the coin? Is there a negative? There is. It increases domestic violence. History proves these changes drastically increase domestic violence within that same nation. Don’t take my word for it simply do your own research. You’ll find several facts that support my claim. Two of the most common I had found were taxation and the nation’s youth. Past civil wars involved youths possessing age brackets that line up exactly with today’s millennials.

Millennials are those born during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Millennials range in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Looking back in history seems it was initially the country’s youth who initiated the greater percentage of rebellions. Left unchecked many of these rebellions grew into revolutions even civil wars. Is it any wonder those are the minds that are being swayed today? College aged youths are being targeted by the neocons.

Once again those with open eyes are merely witnessing history repeating itself. The youth of the western nation is currently being targeted by its previous generation. Their being set up only to be used as expendable pawns by the neocons. The nations millennial aged are being tricked into initiating violence based on false pretenses supported by bad information. Left unchecked this can rapidly escalate into a very volatile and dangerous scenario! Throughout history it’s fact and I’m not recognizing any differences (besides the technology) with today’s rerun of the same play. Why change what works?

The latest scheme in efforts to further oppose an already divided nation has got to be the vote recount proposal. The candidate representing “the green party” Jill Stein has launched a campaign looking for fools (sorry I meant people) willing to donate funds. These donations are then pooled together. We’re told their final destination will be paying for filing fees and legal services. I‘ll link a good blog post HERE. This seems to have the makings of a total scam but you be the judge.

Quoting the above link. On November 24th 2016 @ 3:46 AM the total cost relating to fees and legal came to 2.5 Million dollars. Just 12 Hours later during the afternoon of November 24th 2016 how is it remotely possible that these same fees are now costing 4.5 Million? Just ONE DAY later on November 25th @ 6:11 AM the donations are magically approaching the 5 Million mark and the necessary requirements are hovering around 7 Million. An interesting final note. Seems that the filing fees have remained consistent however the legal fees have escalated 300% higher.

While I’m not one who often finds himself at a loss for words, I have to admit I’m having a bit of trouble with this one. Open the link and read the post. In the end see if you don’t find yourself somewhat dumbfounded as I currently am. If anyone reading this post can shed a brighter light on this please comment or shoot me an email because I’m not seeing it as anything other than a total scam.

So what square are we presently standing on? Currently as I’m writing this post I’d have to say we’re still somewhere midway into the rebellion stage. I’ve mentioned you haven’t seen anything yet. It’s my belief that we’re only in the beginning stages.

Holding steady on my previous expectation. Over the next few months expect somewhat of a cooling period regarding any wild development between the superpowers. Remember if it happens most surely it was injected from the outside. It wouldn’t have originated by the newly elected cabinet but expect Russia to somehow be reintroduced into the script.

On the domestic side expect the opposite to occur. Domestic violence will continue to escalate and take on a brisk upward spiral. I’m not only referring to the US when I say this. Expect to see steady increases to continue over in Europe as well. The ultimate goal is to first break apart then later reunite. The oligarchs just want to juggle the pieces around a bit and they’re using the millennials to do it for them.  I might suggest that you keep your eyes on the nation’s youth.

A younger mind is more easily swayed. As previously mentioned throughout history it’s been the youth who initiated most internal revolution. Don’t underestimate the power of influencing the psychological side of a young mind, if you do, that would be an unfortunate mistake on your part.

From George Washington’s time to the present on foreign or domestic soil the youth enforces the front lines of all armies. It’s the youth who are encouraged not to recognize the misfortunes of war. I remember even I thought I was indestructible while in my twenties. Funny how things change over time. Presently hovering around sixty my attitude is more along the line of if I knew I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself.

An additional point to consider is the fact that today’s youth is basically bought and paid for. Programs ranging from free stuff to free stuffed animals have become entitlements. Today’s youth are easily influenced and have little regard for opposing views. Understand They won’t be listening to Trump either!  Therefore, beware of the nation’s youth, any nation’s youth. Plan on experiencing increased domestic confrontations, increasing in both size and degree of violence.

In closing there was one more interesting fact that I found while researching information for this post. It seems those citizens who fled, that part of the population who vacated prior to conflict endured better. I feel fortunate in understanding this. At this juncture I’m quite comfortable using my expat binoculars and viewing the situation from the outside looking in. Separation always promotes clarity (and safety). This is one upcoming fight you won’t find me anywhere near ringside. I’ll maintain a safer distance and view it from the north coast of the Dominican Republic from Cabrera. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Dec 1, 2016, 11:06 pm

    So far the only ones protesting, rioting, and killing cops have been the left, liberals call them what you may. If the George Soros funded groups keep up with this and really poke the eyes of the right then eventually the other shoe will drop; i.e. the guns craving, patriotism-on-their-sleeve and god fearing right will begin to take action. At this point all hell will break loose. We don’t have any great national figures who can calm things down and unite the nation, like a Robert Kennedy or a Martin Luther King. No sir, all we have are people on both sides willing to pour gasoline on the flames. I’ve been around to witness all of the presidential elections since Nixon-Humphrey and never have I seen such vitriolic hatred between the Clinton and the Trump camps. Even when Al Gore had his election stolen from him by the Supreme Court, democratic partisans did not rebel or riot. I don’t think there’s any way to bring these forces together. Both Clinton and Trump are both heavily divisive figures and basically thrive on it. Just imagine when the financial system takes a dump and when the Republicans who now control both houses and the presidency begin to get rid of entitlement programs like welfare and food subsidies that the Clinton partisans and the youth need. Watch out! And don’t believe the nonsense that Trump is going to bring back millions of jobs. Forget it. Whatever he brings back will be too little too late. In four years you’re going to have real rebellion by especially pissed off 2016 Trump supporters who believed Trump was this white knight on a horse who was going to save them.

    Now regarding Trump I just listened to a really clarifying interview with William F. Engdahl on who Trump really is and what to expect in his administration. Let me just say it’s not very flattering at all. It was a real epiphany to me. I’m not the same after listening to it. I encourage all of you to also listen. Engdahl is not a liberal democratic party zombie and he has no dog in this race. He comes to geo-politics with an independence with no ax to grind.


    P.S. By the way don’t think Trump’s national security advisor Michael Flynn or the forces behind Trump have any good intentions regarding Russia. Their goal is to peel China and Iran away from Russia, attack and weaken them and then destroy Russia. It’s called divide and conquer. As old as the Roman Empire.

  • Larry Nov 29, 2016, 7:37 pm

    Barry thank you so much for sharing your insights with us. I agree we have all been given a “limited” gift of “more time” to take positive action to weather the coming storm. Let us use it wisely. These two quotes come to mind.

    “You may delay but TIME will NOT”.
    Benjamin Franklin

    “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t come. We have only today. Let us begin”.
    Mother Teresa

    Peace and blessings my friend.

    Best Regards,

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