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The Great Divide

Why do we choose to fight ourselves? There's no good ending that can come from a nation that's divided. Why is this simple truth so hard to accept?

Why do we choose to fight ourselves? There’s no good ending that can come from a nation that’s divided. Why is this simple truth so hard to accept?

Ever take the time to notice for centuries we’ve been fighting ourselves? Unknowingly for centuries through an orchestrated series of well-staged events categorically we’ve been fighting no one other than ourselves. Borders of other nations offer no boundaries when it comes to allowing us to fight each other. Is there some agenda pushing us towards the great divide of mankind? My research substantiates this as being true.

Throughout history our elected officials have consistently played a role in which the sole purpose is to divide. History has been little more than a chain of staged sequences in effort to keep us fighting amongst ourselves thus leaving the various broken assemblies at controllable numbers. The great divide! We’re all living within the great divide of humanity.

Other than the technology what's changed!

Other than the technology what’s changed!

Since the beginning of time we’ve been electing, bought and paid for representatives to hold some of the most powerful positions on our planet. For centuries we’ve maintained this naive understanding that those powerful positions were to be used in our best interest. Collaborated by the same people, once elected they instantly begin to renege on their previous promises, the course changes direction and reverts back to confusion followed by chaos and eventually ending in a strong divide. In other words we ultimately return to the source of origination. We return to battling amongst ourselves.

For epochs one of the greatest tools used for hoodwinking the masses has been entitlement. Traditionally some of the sharpest hooks used in catching boatloads of gullible fish are getting the masses to swallow the hook of entitlement. Be it by birthright, religion, nationality or even wealth status falsely claimed entitlements have been dividing us since the beginning of time and there’s no sign of it decreasing anytime soon.

In fact we’re pushing on the accelerator the RPM’s raising. The eons long held belief of entitlement is actually gaining momentum. As with anything the false belief of entitlement can only be stretched so far before it snaps. Trust me once overextended it will break apart. The shards that remain will have those familiar titles such as revolution, civil war and or loss of personal freedoms. We’ve all been prone to hearing them before. The end result will be nothing more than a series of fragments broken away from its toxic host. But the poison still remains. You’re not targeting the stem cell.

Why is this fact so difficult for so many to grasp? From ancient Rome’s bread and circuses to today’s Italian referendum nothing changes but the technology. The Brexit a recent Trump victory even what is perhaps one of the most obvious scandals in recent history the recount.  Why do we fall for these facades? Are we that naive, that adolescent in our understanding of truth? The truth is our legacy is based on the results of these divides. Welcome to the machine that molded your false perception of reality. Actual realism consists of nothing more than a series of divides fracturing us into manageable groups.

Today’s mind controlling medias are there to insure the illusion remains intact. Again it will be the nation’s youth who ignites the kindling that exposes the underlying inferno. While alternative media has gained some ground the truth is it’s too little and it’s too late. It’s because we’re already so wedged apart the ship christened We The People set sail decades prior and won’t be making a return voyage anytime soon. Until we merge together all we have remaining are the fragments. The fragments of volatility exploding. Once again we will find ourselves traveling down the all too familiar road to revolution.

If there’s one commonality it is this. All these divides eventually lead to revolution and civil war. We’re seeing it sprout its ugly roots once again.  Presently what starts out as a friendly conversation can escalate into an all-out brawl within a few minutes. It’s no coincidence that a large part of disagreeing stems from the false beliefs of entitlement injected by our own elected leaders.

The collapse in belief will rapidly spread to the collapse of Government. Once the political world has been altered there’s no turning back. The west will learn the same lessons as did Russia and East Europe. Trump is no white knight but in all fairness who can be? Besides ourselves who else can change the course we’re currently heading down? If we continue to place what is our responsibility into the hands of elected officials the path to revolution remains our destination. We should already know this we’ve been there several times prior. Perhaps it really is in our DNA who knows? I for one hope so. At least that way we’ll all have a reasonable excuse for being so stupid. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Bill Jan 12, 2017, 2:51 pm

    Interesting Barry. It is no wonder that we as Americans particularly are targeted to be divided. ‘American’ was a term to describe all of us who lived here and held an ideal, it was an admired term. I believe it was because it represented an idea (mindset) more than a place.

    Since the 70’s we have been required to identify our ‘groups’ or tribes. Fill out any government form and you are asked to reveal your group and volunteer yourself to be divided. We are no longer Americans, we are: African Americans, European Americans (white), Hispanic or Asian. Who really cares except someone who wants division.

    I think it must be the tool of a ‘label’. I think that’s why it is so hard to have meaningful discussions with people since they want to label you right away. If you pose an point regarding race or sexual preference, you are labeled ‘Homophobic’ or ‘Racist’ regardless of whether you made a negative connotation. Even the terms Republican and Democrat seem to have new meaning now. Liberal and Conservative, which have new definitions now.

    It is hard to have a civil meeting of the minds if you are right away labeled as having a certain belief, even if you don’t. It quickly escalates the discussion into an argument, puts you at odds with the other person and shuts down an open mind. Mention the word ‘God’ and right away you are a “Religious Zealot or Fanatic.’ Which is ok if you meet the criteria for a specific excepted religious group that they deme repressed or misunderstood.

    It is one of the oldest tricks in the book since humans have a tribal mentality. That’s why America was such a great experiment and there was nothing previously like it in the whole of history. An idea, not a place. Create your own future and circumstance.

    The author Richard Marbury said that civilization can only exist in certain ‘options’: Liberty, Chaos and Tyranny. Liberty is the only place where the rule of law applies to all. Redefine the rule of law and you can create chaos or tyranny. Redefine the meaning of words and you can redefine the rule of law. I think, quite obviously, that we are being pushed into chaos in order to create tyranny.

    Thanks for the insight Barry.

    • Barry Jan 12, 2017, 7:32 pm

      Bill You just might be correct in your statement. Either way all your examples are forms of divide and conquer. The only way D and C becomes effective is by having an ignorant populace. Perhaps that’s why on a continual basis I mention that ignorance of the nations citizens is their most dangerous weapon. For thousands of years it’s been that way and I’m not seeing any major changes. In fact I feel it’s getting worse. Why can’t we come together. Thanks for your comment.

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