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Why I’m a Bit Uneasy

Its right wing has been trapped. It will do what ever is possible to survive. Use every weapon available to survive.

The right wing has been trapped. It will do what ever is needed to survive.

When any animal is backed into a corner it will fight back. It’s the same for us humans. When it comes to shielding, guarding for our own survival we will use whatever means obtainable to endure. That includes ferocity. That’s why I’m a bit uneasy. The neocons are currently backed into a corner. If the above holds true (and it does) it’s the backlash that comes from being cornered that’s got me concerned. It serves as the reason why I’m a bit uneasy. What’s their reaction going to be?

Bottom line. Things are going to look a whole lot different. Violence becomes the new normal. The homeless are everywhere. There's no fixing this. We get what we elect.

Bottom line. Things are going to look a whole lot different. Violence becomes the new normal. The homeless are everywhere. There’s no fixing this. We get what we elect.

Pre-election it was obvious the neocons residing in the west formulated a plan to do some witch hunting. One of several trophies sought was a particular type of bear. Seems you’ll find highest populations residing all throughout Russia. So I guess it would be fair if it (and it is) was termed a Russian Bear.

The first weapon of choice used in this witch hunt was the media. They used this bought and paid for tool to promote false claims, propaganda, but it wasn’t enough to corner their sought after trophy. Apparently this Russian bear was too smart to be baited by such a simple technique. The neocons needed another weapon, perhaps a tougher more devious weapon.

Soon after they called in another bought and paid for partner called NATO. With full endorsement NATO soon began placing military bases to be used as a second form of bait. The first attempt didn’t work so they continued by placing additional baits only much closer to its den. Actually to be more accurate they placed these baits right out in front of the neighbors land that borders its den. Does it matter that I’m referring to a Russian bear? Wouldn’t any bear react the same way once pushed too far backed into a corner with no way out. Wouldn’t you wouldn’t your nation? In fact if you’re from the US it already has. Hint: Better ditch those Cohiba’s fast. The black market price for them is going to drop like a rock. Welcome back Cotter sorry I meant Cuba.

The hunters (the right-wing) initiated the aggression the violence. The Russian bear merely used force to defend its den its territory.  There’s a world of difference between what violence is and what force is. I might suggest you acquaint yourself with these differences. Going forward it will make a huge difference in the quality of your life. However the point I’m trying to convey is both sides will eventually use whatever means available to endure. We all would if required to. Beginning to get a clearer picture of why I’m a bit uneasy?

Post-election once the results were totaled and the dust had a chance to settle I continued blogging but with added confidence expect a cooling off period on the international sabre rattling. I mentioned in several prior posts to expect some sort of thinning when it comes to foreign friction but for only the time being. I’ll discuss why I say for the time being in my next post. I’m confident if you take a few minutes reading it you’ll have enough sensible reasoning for why I say what I say.

All throughout this endeavor this witch hunt the one mistake the neocons, the right kept repeating was underestimating the power of the alternative media. Misjudging this did in fact ding the armor of the neocons. The combination of both WikiLeaks releasing over 250,000 incriminating emails and the alternative media’s accuracy in the election results unquestionably has the neocons presently backed up against a corner. This just wasn’t supposed to happen so there was no plan to defend against such action.

Arguably this recent encounter has been the greatest shot of adrenaline the alternative media has ever experienced. Once that door has been opened it becomes very difficult to shut closed. So what do you think? Think the neocons will be giving up or will they come out fighting unleashing new weapons in their arsenal? What’s your call?

The whole world now knows the current situation over on the democratic side is anything but tranquil. Millions in donations are repetitively being yanked perhaps even billions are being pulled by pre-election donators. Powerful donators that currently find themselves disgruntled they’re plainly confused and here’s one of the major reasons why. Their bought and paid for weapon, the media supposedly guaranteed the neocons a winning candidate but somehow it failed to deliver. Again my question is. Do you think they’ll allow that to continue? Before you answer please recheck your history on similar major swings of power. You’re not going to like what you find.

If anyone’s interested here’s my two cents worth on the above question. I’m asking. Is it me or has anyone else noticed the post-election attack on the alternative media? One of the latest buzzwords to come on the scene has got to be Fake News. Alternative media is what caused the damaged to the neocons armor and so that makes alternative media the first element coming under attack. According to them the power of the alternative media must be nullified. Real has become fake and fake is now real. I more than realize this has been going on for decades even centuries. It’s how it’s taken on a whole new found level of importance that I want you to take notice.

The above is a vital point for you to understand. Any rational thinking person already fully understands the current situation CANNOT continue? Those who do understand already are well past asking the next logical question. What are my options? Several of those who I meet choose expatriation we did. Several years prior we opted for a much simpler lifestyle on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

At the present time of writing this post (at least for the time being) it’s looking like the neocons are cornered. Should the situation continue to falter for the neocons? I think so. Greater numbers are finally recognizing how grossly misled they were by their own elected officials. They feel abandoned orphaned by the same elected officials they originally put into power. Another key point follows. It seems more are beginning to understand if Trump had lost the end result would have escalated the west into another forced war.

The same can be said for all of those who are on the outside looking in. The international exposure has been nothing short of a death-blow to the credibility of the previous party in power along with their paid partner the media. The entire world is losing faith in their Governments. Rapidly growing numbers are banding together. The protesting is escalating, the numbers are growing larger. My own personal research indicates that this wave is only gathering momentum. However it has changed angles. The recent US election may have altered the angle of the approaching wave but it didn’t change its destination. Eventually it will crash on the same shore. Thrust me when I say. At the end of it all Trump will be viewed as little more than a fall guy. He’s being used as a scapegoat.

When citizens begin to lose confidence in either their Government or their currency bad things begin to happen. It’s been my experience that when longtime plans begin to falter the controlling sources tend to become somewhat spiteful. History proves many barns have been burned to the ground in search of a needle in a hay stack. Take a lesson from history. Anytime the current reign of power was challenged and backed into a corner first they scrambled to find a solution.

The so-called fight or flight reactive behavior first took hold and this is where we all currently find ourselves. But remember comparable to that bear I previously mentioned, that Russian bear. All of us will use every option available to prolong our survival. Next post I’ll reveal why it’s actually the Left who’s always been the most violent. Historically they’ve constantly taken on the role as being the “victims”.  I did happen to mention that I’m a bit uneasy? Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Dec 13, 2016, 9:26 pm

    Hey Barry,

    To see the left and the Democratic Party behaving in such an hysterical way in blaming Russia for Clinton’s defeat has turned everything upside down. It used to be the extreme right a la The John Birch Society in the 1950’s that would make these type of claims. Now it’s the left. We sure live in a topsy turvy world! You’ve gotta watch in astonishment this latest rant of liberal Keith Olbermann in declaring that we’re at war with Russia! I expected foam to come out of his mouth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAFxPXGDH4E
    It’s totally unreal. These liberals are behaving as though they’re in a fanatic cult. I agree with you Barry. This is not going to end well. These fanatics, who have the complete support of the mainstream media, are not going to stop until they have negated the election of Trump and the democratic will of the people. If they succeed in doing it you can expect huge civil disturbances if not outright civil war.

    • Barry Dec 13, 2016, 9:59 pm

      Gary I really do wish I’m mistaken but I’m not seeing any other outcome coming from such a strong divide. I’m sorry to say the mechanism is broken. I’ve mentioned this months in advance regarding a trump victory. I’m glad you returned to reality after you pre-election trip to fantasy trump island. Glad you’re back and I’m not taking anything away from Trump it could have been anybody.

      • Gary Dec 18, 2016, 3:40 pm

        I’ve felt for a long time that Trump could be our Putin. What I mean is that Putin inherited a calamity after the Soviet Union fell and the horrible 90’s. Russia now has come back and has revived under Putin. Like Trump Putin is also an alpha male and will really get along well. Trump, like Putin, will have to seriously take on our own oligarchs and take no prisoners if he’s going to correct the ship of state (unfortunately Trump being one of our oligarchs has a built-in contradiction). I actually think that Trump will have a harder and a more treacherous undertaking than Putin did. If things go awry Trump may wind up being our Gorbachev and see the whole thing collapse. Then the only issue will be the level of violence with the worst being an outright civil war

        • Barry Dec 19, 2016, 12:46 pm

          Agreed it will be far more difficult for Trump. Remember the west hosts a high percentage of entitlement minded folks who have been very spoiled. I’ve stated in past posts you can’t take away what you never had to begin with. Now compare both nations and you’ll see where I’m coming from. There were no safe spaces or stuffed animals handed out to the former soviet citizens. They laugh at sanctions and have learned how to make potatoes taste like almost anything. Much harder for Trump if even possible.

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