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For The Time Being

The armor of the left has been dinged. Currently it sits damaged. Farsighted folks already know they'll be using every weapon to the best of their advantage. Stay focused very focused.

The armor of the left has been dinged. Currently it sits damaged. Farsighted folks already know they’ll be using every weapon to the best of their advantage. Stay focused very focused.

In my prior post it was mentioned expect foreign policy and the sabre rattling to relax, but only for the time being. I’m adding a bit more depth in attempts of providing what I hope promotes a clearer picture of why I retain the “for the time being” sentiment. Subsequently it’s my desire you’ll begin to behold some novel philosophies, some new ideas causing the mind to open just a little bit wider and that’s always a good thing.

Let’s begin by having a look at some of the present cabinet selections by the “Donald”. Keep in mind the modern day differences between republican and democrat amount to little more than separate cheeks off of the same ass. They’re both connected to the same spine. Our top down control arrangement is currently shaping our environment. Perhaps this serves as sensible reasoning why you’ll never find the name Goldman Sachs far from the limelight regardless of which party comes to power.

Trumps current cabinet members. We can't comment the dust hasn't settled in that area. The wind begins to die down around January 20th 2017. Soon after the pathways will be revealed.

Trumps current cabinet members. We can’t comment the dust hasn’t settled in that area. The wind begins to die down around January 20th 2017. Soon after the pathways will be revealed.

In fact there are two consistencies you’ll find commonplace. The first of course is Goldman Sachs but the second commonality you might find a bit surprising. It’s the military. I’m not here to say if that’s a good or a bad thing all I’m saying is it is what it is. These same two corporations have a habit of showing up at the finish line either in first or a close second. What’s even more astounding is how they seem to accomplish these amazing results in every race. The political aspect represents just one of several. Some bloggers like to use the term “same old cronies” when describing the above, but there’s no denying it does bear resemblance, they’re somehow always finishing first and shinning somewhere in the limelight.

We currently find ourselves in a period of transition. We’re at a crossroad. We’re passing on the reigns to the new kid on the block. Presently the west finds itself in a transformation of power while much of the rest of the world is trying to figure out how it might be affected by it. Difficult as that may be it pales by comparison when adding into the mix a few additional variations. You know trivial little differences like democrat or republican, the left wing verses the right wing or even the Gen-X group as opposed to today’s Millennials.

It’s the latter mentioned differences which serve to create the imminent violence I often blog about. Those kinds of changes conjure up the citizens which intern raises the level of violence. There’s no getting around this fact! ONCE A NATION IS DIVIDED history proves will end in either revolution of varying intensities or full civil war.

That serves as an immense reason why I don’t care whether it’s the new Secretary of Defense James Mattis AKA Mad Dog Mattis or former Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin. All elected or appointed high level positions will never have the general public’s best interest in mind! Just remember it and move on. Hum??? Two concerning thoughts just entered my mind. First: those same two common entities are appearing again and second: someone with the nickname “Mad Dog” who will be holding the position Secretary of Defense kind of already feels like we’re in store for some sort of oil/water combination. I don’t imagine this will mix very well, additionally I don’t see how one earns the nickname Mad Dog by being rational, but who knows.

What I do know is this. It’s by being irrational that the west currently finds itself so deeply divided. The last thing the west needs is to escalate this by dividing even further. The Neocons currently find themselves confused and backed into a corner. They’ll come out fighting viciously! They’ll be calling on every available weapon. Fake News, Russian hacking, terrorist threats and of course can’t forget those black swans swimming around they all serve as fair game. That includes their most dangerous weapon which of course is an ignorant population. As a nation you’re progressing in the wrong direction and I assure you this is only the beginning. January 20th is beginning to feel like a long way into an unknown future.

Protectionism never works but Trump already knows this. Sure you can drain a swamp ridding it of its slugs and leaches. But remember once drained any swamp becomes a breeding ground for rats. That’s what you need to concern yourself with, it’s the rats! The mechanism is way past being broken. All pathways are beginning to lead to the same destination, a destination that’s becoming much clearer once the dust begins to settle. That destination is violence.

Since most of my readers are the open minded type they already sense it. In fact they have known it for quite some time now. The pieces of the puzzle so often mentioned in prior posts are rapidly snapping into place. Several years prior I boldly called out several predictions. The US dollar is still king, check. The precious metals have yet to respond (but they will) check. The EU will begin to crumple, check. The Euro will approach par perhaps even lower than the dollar, check and I said this when the Euro traded at 1.36 USD so it’s another check. Expect to see several staged events leading to a loss of personal freedoms mirroring a police state atmosphere check check and check. I’m now going on record when I say the violence begins to soar in 2017. I have now approached the level of surety which is way beyond the level of belief.

From just one week prior let’s take a look at what’s already developing. The saber rattling has already begun its return. Trump’s choice as the new Secretary of State happens to be current president and chief executive of Exxon Mobil a fellow by the name of Rex W. Tillerson. Tillerson has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact they’ve brokered several high profile agreements together. Good there’s obviously a mutual respect that can be found and that in itself is a good thing in today’s volatile world.

But the question still remains will this pre-existing relationship be enough to pass the stress test? Currently the opposition shared by both nations, the tough stalemates located in places such as Iran, Syria and China are still proving to be a challenge. Already both countries mentioned no flexibility over several key points. So what happens next? One hundred percent predictable the sabers begin to rattle, they already are. Time is the only answer but I can say this much.

Historically it’s been the left who’s shown to be the more violent side. They tend to take on a victim type mentality. They view themselves as being the victims. To them it justifies lashing out towards the other side, in fact some of our worst revolutions ignited in that manor. China and Russia are two quick examples that come to mind. Like I mentioned earlier we currently find ourselves at a crossroads.

Come to think of it there’s one other prediction I made several years prior. I mentioned countless times that you’re not trying to figure out will I be affected, but rather to what degree will I be affected. Perhaps by understand this it serves as a rejoinder of why I take comfort in living where I do. I do take additional comfort being located in the low density, high farm and food productive region of the DR. The North Coast of the DR just outside of the little town of Cabrera. But it’s not for everyone. Funny thing about that is every day I still thank source above that it’s not. Being in over one hundred countries and living in six taught me many valuable lessons. Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Dec 18, 2016, 9:20 pm

    I wonder Barry if Trump is picking military people like Mattis, Kelly and Flynn because he’s expecting a civil war where the military will bifurcate between neo-cons/globalists and the nationalists. Jim Willie has pointed out many times that the CIA proxies at times are fighting Pentagon proxies in Syria and Iraq. What if this takes place here in the US. Can you imagine the constitutional crisis if the coup takes place by denying Trump the presidency one way or another. Then your prediction for violence will come quicker than any of us could have imagined. We have an earth shift, paradigm shift or frequency shift, pick your choice of concept where the forces that support Trump understand this and get it while the neo-cons/globalists want to by hook or by crook keep their domination in the deep state and are in a panic to stop Trump. This is the general outline of the split taking place and it’s a no-holds-barred slugfest happening as I write.

    • Barry Dec 19, 2016, 12:41 pm

      Perceptive comment. Excellent analogy of what a divided nation looks like.

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