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Is Trump Draining The Swamp or Just Changing the Water

Almost 17 years apart. The left side appeared in an episode of the Simpsons back in 2000. The right was photographed in late 2015. Why doesn’t anyone ever ask? Where do these people come from?

Every day I’m getting more suspicious of what is really going on behind the curtain. Anybody who’s been scanning the alternative medias has got to be getting a bit uneasy as to what’s being found on some of the most creditable sources. What’s going on with this new appointed cabinet? The open minded must be beginning to deliberate are we actually draining the swamp or merely changing the water? Are the Republicans draining it then refilling it? It’s beginning to look that way.

Any swamp that finds a fresh change of water surly will find a fresh change of leaches that inhabit. Different water different leaches and lets not eliminate slugs either as they’re never far behind their counterpart the leach. Nine days BEFORE being inaugurated and already the grand Don has broken several pre-election promises. At the intersection we currently find ourselves shouldn’t we be looking both ways before continuing? Shouldn’t we be asking several questions about a vast percentage of his appointed cabinet members? What’s your take should we or shouldn’t we?

Swamps are full of different creatures. None of them ranking very high in the evolutionary scale. Much the same could be said about politicians don’t you think?

As an example take a look at a few of the most recently appointed cabinet members. A notable group of individuals consisting of Gary D. Cohen, Jay Clayton, Steve Mnuchin and President Elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Merge them together and they become a talented group of individuals possessing more than enough experience to gain high levels of accomplishment in their desired direction. Only a fool would dispute that, but that’s not my point. It’s the desired direction that’s my point!

If you take the time gathering some information, promptly you’ll be seeing the same old club names keep coming up again and again. Why is it that so few people ask the question “where do these people come from?” I suppose that’s just my own way of saying “follow the money”. In the efforts of maintaining what I preach I will not make decisions till the dust settles. Only then will the pathways to accuracy be exposed. At the time of this post all I’m asking, is anybody beginning to wonder if there’s something going on behind the Republican curtain? Are they draining or are they refilling?

Are we dumping the old plan, the corporate military complex only to be replacing it with another entity? Are we simply exchanging one plan of deceit and replacing it with another? I’m beginning to wonder. In that area of the grand picture the dust has already settled below eye level and it’s beginning to appear that perhaps we are. Call me Spock if you want to, but I work off of logic. Forgive me for saying this but I can’t help myself Something Feels Wrong! Something feels wrong to me and it should be resonating with you. It’s an uncomfortable feeling when you sense foreboding intentions but time has you in chains.

It’s going to take a bit more time before the path of intention will be completely revealed. Whether the newly elected leads the people down a sinister path of deception lined with more crony capitalism or an honorable one is still lingering somewhere in the future. It’s just going to take a bit more time before unveiling and perhaps the interim, the most difficult part of all. Generally people don’t like being left in the abyss most prefer direction. The “give me the ball and I’ll run with it” attitude prevails in most western cultures.

One additional point I’d like to touch on pertaining to the picture at the beginning of this post. I was recently sent an old caption from the popular show The Simpsons. I’ve never been one who’s been bound by conspiracy, but I do find this caption interesting. Actually disturbing might be more accurate description. But here’s the deal. One side of this was released on an episode back in 2000. That’s seventeen years ago! And the other was photographed in late 2015. For me this represents one of the most vibrant examples begging my original question. Where do these people come from? It’s kind of creepy isn’t it? Until next time this is Barry in DR.

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  • Gary Jan 20, 2017, 8:29 pm

    Barry, likewise regarding great conversations with you as a friend. I have learned a lot on many topics talking to you. In my own way I’m also waiting for the dust to settle on the verdict with Trump. The best way to explain it is like I’m watching a roller coaster ride with the highest point in the ride being my positive feeling for Trump and the lowest part of the ride being my negative feelings toward him. But the important point is that I’m not on the ride, just an observer who hasn’t any emotional skin in the game. I’m prepared for Trump to go either way. I must say, however, that I really enjoy watching this ride. I’ve never seen a president elect or for that matter a presidential candidate speak on topics that are really breathtaking (globalism, national sovereignty, peace with Russia) and his candor and his I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude is really mind blowing. It’s a spectacle that I’ve never seen before in a high public official. It’s very refreshing to watch the spectacle of Trump telling the CNN reporter at his last press conference to basically fuck-off (you’re part of the fake media). Wow! I just saw his inauguration speech where he basically put a rhetorical knife into all of the last former presidents sitting in the audience. Talk about having balls!

    Now having said all of this above I 100% agree with you that the EGO of Trump is potentially very dangerous. Assuming that he really does want to take on the bad guys in the deep state then he will need an enormous ego in order to destroy his enemies. You cannot be a wishy washy milk toast of the Obama type if you are going to change the power structure of the US. Unlike Vladimir Putin, who doesn’t have an ego and really is doing all he has done for the good of Russia and the world (according to Lada Ray of https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/ Putin has a very high calibration of his soul unlike Trump’s much lower one), I’m not sure that Trump loves the people more than his own ego. Remember I called you right after Trump’s acceptance speech a the RNC and I smelled Benito Mussolini all over it. Well many times we have to listen to our uncensored feelings and not let our own ego get the best of us.

    Regardless how Trump’s ego is manifested, we are in for a very very disruptive time. Michael Moore put it very well when he said that Donald Trump is a molotov cocktail thrown into the political power structure. I’m now sure, whether he intends it or not, but he will be our Gorbachev. Remember that Gorbachev was the last Soviet president who inadvertently caused the downfall of the Soviet Union. Trump will play the same role in that the US empire on his watch will come crashing down and possibly along with it the financial system of the United States.

    Fasten your seat belts.

  • Gary Jan 19, 2017, 7:47 pm

    I’ve also been taken back at Trump’s picks. All former Goldman Sachs alumni. However there’s two ways to look at this. It could be the “old wine in a new bottle” or Trump really does want to take on the Deep State factions that have brought so much ruin to the US in both the financial realm and in continuous disastrous military interventions abroad. Even today there’s still this little voice inside me that won’t go away which tells me that Trump is the real deal. I’m quite schizophrenic on Trump. My feeling really depends on which day I feel about him. I’m really 50-50 on him. The guy is 70 years old, independently wealthy as a billionaire and could have just enjoyed his last years anywhere in the world that he can imagine. But he decided to go through the grueling election season taking daily insults from the mainstream media which continues to this day. Why would he make such terrific speeches talking about globalism, the importance of national sovereignty and above all peace with Russia if in all honesty he just wants to be like other republicans like Jeb Bush or Rubio. In fact Barry his speeches were so good that the words could have come from you! It doesn’t seem logical that he would be so consistent during the last year or so with his great remarks to just be a bastard like any other Republican such as Jeb Bush. Regarding his appointments I’m open to the possibility that Trump has some method to his madness. There’s a saying, “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer”. It could be that Trump really does want to take on the bad guys in the Deep State and that who else would know where the bodies are buried but those that have been involved in it. Don’t forget that these appointments will be doing the bidding of the commander in chief Trump. But then again maybe he’ll be just as bad as Obama or Bush. We just won’t know until we know.

    One thing we’ll know for sure about his intentions will be how he handles the out of control manipulation of the gold and silver market along with the algo trading in the stock market. If after a few months it’s business as usual then you know he’s been a phony all along. This, to me, will be the key to knowing his intentions.

    Time will tell.

    • Barry Jan 19, 2017, 8:25 pm

      Gary funniest thing Liane and I were just talking about you two and then I got notified of your comment. Gary you’ve grown into being a friend. When folks ask me what drives me it’s things like the aforementioned. I love how you also go back and forth during our great personal conversations. I love that about you as it’s never boring when we have a chance to talk and I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation under an hour. OK now back to the comment and a good one it is.

      Remember long ago in one of our talks me mentioning two things. I’ve used both in my posts several times. One is a closed mind will be the costliest possession you’ll ever own because over time it will cost you everything. The second one is EGO is the biggest three letter word in the dictionary. The EGO to varying degrees controls us all. Perhaps the single biggest reason for trump seeking the Presidency was nothing more than satiating his EGO. That’s also what scares me the most about him. It’s his insatiable ego. My two cents says it was ego driven, like you said in a roundabout way “after all what more material possessions” could one want.

      I also agree about keeping you enemies even closer just first be sure that they’re not holding a knife. A rather good example of what’s meant could be found in the movie Gladiator. In closing I thank you for describing my usage of the term “sometimes you just have to let the dust settle (gold Slv Markets) before going forward” After all in the long run taking a bit of time to let the dust settle is what will keep the truth seeker sane.


  • Bill Jan 18, 2017, 4:58 pm

    Ha! Thanks Barry for the bit of humor (Simpsons) in an otherwise serious post.

    I guess we all have to remember that here in America ‘wetlands’ and swamps are a protected entity. I think we can use the word ‘protected’ here as well. Although in the real world, wetlands do purify the water, which is laughable in this case.

    Even with Trump’s win, which I think was just the public giving Washington the big, ‘finger’.

    I expect that it will be a water change. I’m waiting to here something as uncomplicated as the music to the ears as, a cut here and a cut there. The beginnings of the rolling back of the government spending.

    If I don’t hear any hints of the reduction of government spending, then it just becomes another rearrangement of furniture.

    He has operated much of his business with the aid of huge debt and a bit of bankruptcy as a tool. So I don’t think he’ll flinch much when he sees that Washington has no money. Smoke and mirrors.

    It may seem a bit different because it is now serving a slightly different boss.

    You know ‘The Who’ lyric, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    We’ll see. I’m cautious to anything coming out of that place, you know, Washington/Rome/Mordor.


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